UnTV Pitching Rainmen Reality TV Show

So I’ve gotten word from someone that the folks who produce web content for UnTV, an online video site, are planning on pitching a reality TV show to CBC to be based on the Halifax Rainmen.  I don’t have many details beyond those basic things, but I have always thought that a reality TV show with all of them living in the same house would at least be watchable.  Then again, after some of the stories I’ve heard about that house I don’t know if I’d want to see it.

I think that some sort of online deal needs to be worked out to broadcast games.  Part of the problem is that a lack of confirmed league makes those plans, and many other ones including try outs, impossible due to differences in season length and existing broadcasting plans of leagues (i.e. D-league gets some NBA TV coverage, PBL has its own webcast plan of some sort, etc.).


One thought on “UnTV Pitching Rainmen Reality TV Show

  1. If they want to keep their image as “family friendly”, they might have to water down the show too much, which would make for something quite boring in my opinion. I would really want to see how they are pitching this.

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