Crookshanks Cut by Edmonton Chill

After being the subject of the Chill’s hype machine, they have cut Eric Crookshank saying that he “didn’t fit with the team concept.”  They added two forwards that they’re big on so that may be part of it.  I just hope that he has enough time to try to find a spring league gig somewhere else.

The Chill also added Acadia forward Achuil Lual to the roster. 


A press release from the Chill sort of explains why he was cut, but it’s sort of cryptic.  It looks like he didn’t want to join a few members of the team on a trip to Fort Mac for some sort of promotion trip:

Finally, the Edmonton Chill announced the release of forward Eric Crookshank. The 6’7″ Oakland, CA native returned home on Sunday following a three day tryout with the club.

“No question that Eric had the ability to play in this league, ” Owner and President Troy Barns said, “but at the end of the day, our players’ behaviour reflects on this club, so I had to be sure he was committed to the full scope of responsibility of playing here. [After passing on last weekend’s trip to Fort McMurray] It became clear to me and the coaching staff that Eric just was not a fit for our team or the basketball community here in Edmonton. We wish him luck with the rest of his career.”


2 thoughts on “Crookshanks Cut by Edmonton Chill

  1. Leaves me wondering… why the hell did they bring him out? They knew what he brought to the table, and I am sure he has the talent.

    Was there a conflict behind the scenes? He always seemed like a good team guy…

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