News Might Be Coming Soon on D-League… maybe.

Chris Cochrane talked to Levingston about where D-League talks are right now.  The short version is: who knows?  Definately vague.  I sort of expected to hear one way or another sometime last month, so I guess you could take it that the lack of a clear “no” from the D-League could be good news… or they just don’t think saying no to a Canadian backwater is a priority.

I know that the organization see a move to the PBL as a move sideways and that the general feeling is (or at least was right after the last game of the season) that in order to grow the team and the brand a move to the D-League was needed.  Without a move to the D-league I think it’s doubtful that the team could be profitable.  The organization lost tons of money last year and they really need the D-League name to make it work in this city.  So let’s just hope we hear something soon.


3 thoughts on “News Might Be Coming Soon on D-League… maybe.

  1. I’ll bet the D-League president has been instructed to not get anyone’s hopes up and to make sure the deal is done three ways to Sunday before making any public acknowledgement.

    I think the biggest obstacle for us getting into the D-League is our location. Until there are other teams within close proximity, I don’t see us getting a franchise. While the other strong organizations in the ABA/PBL may be interested, they may not meet the D-League’s criteria. Don’t kow, just guessing.

    Best case scenario: we play in the PBL this coming season, then move to the D-League with Vermont and Manchester or whoever is deemed worthy of the basketball equivalent to “off-Broadway”.

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