Rainmen Still Negotiating With D-League

So in the “barely news” category comes this press release from the Rainmen.

The Herald picked it up and just rewrote the press release, no idea if Metro bothered.  It’s nothing new, but at least the organization is trying to keep people updated.  I am only posting about it to toss out some thoughts on the ownership situation – who actually owns the team right now?  Jad hasn’t been mentioned as a part owner as of late and the name David Dobbin has sort of just popped up out of no where.

If I had to guess (and this is pure speculation because I am bored):  From what I’ve heard the team is in dire financial straights and just bled money last year.  Jad in particular was appearently very stressed out about it.  I wouldn’t be shocked if she sold her share of the organization to David Dobbin but is remaining on in her VP role.  This would give her some peace of mind and bring in (theoretically) an owner with more capital.  So who is David Dobbin?  A google search brings up a few names but the most likely candidate is an Ontario telecomunications executive.  It’s just a guess that it’s him, but he’d have money to invest and Levingston first came to Canada and made the capital to start his other businesses through his involvement in telecommunications companies in Ontario, so Andre could theoretically know him.

Again – this is all wild guesses.  If I were a real journalist I’d call someone at the Rainmen and ask them who he is and who owns the team right now… but I am not a real journalist, so I won’t bother.  Instead I will just use google to make random guesses and hope that I am not too far off target.
EDIT:  So I used the internet some more and came up with this press release from the D-League – it’s a list of the 2008-09 affiliates for NBA teams, and includes the two new expansion teams as well as some minor changes in who is affiliated with who (the Sonics affiliate is now in Tulsa, OK… fuck you David Stern and Clay Bennett).  I think it’s safe to say that the 08-09 dream is dead – it’s just too late for them to not only put a Halifax team onto the schedule (particularly with travel) but also work out player assignments/team affiliations.  Now I guess we need to wonder if the PBL will take the team.


5 thoughts on “Rainmen Still Negotiating With D-League

  1. I am pretty sure that is not the same guy. The picture does not match with the one on the Rainmen’s site. I have a lot more to say about this but I am in a rush, I will post it tonight.

  2. I think the PBL will take any team from the ABA, given the PBL’s history. Having said that, it seems like most of the best teams from our area have already joined the PBL: Vermont, Manchester and most recently the Quebec Kebs (OK the Kebs are not among the best, but they did host the playoffs). Another Canadian team named the Montreal Sasquatch also just joined the PBL.

    Looks like we have a ready-made league for us. The problem for building a fan base is that the PBL doesn’t start until January.

  3. I would guess that this David Dobbin is the Vice-President of CHC Helicopters. The company has a hangar in Halifax, so he has local ties. If this is true (which I believe it is), the guy is big-time money. Which is a good thing for Rainmen fans.

    I also know that Levingston received multiple offers to sell the Rainmen during last season. People see the potential of this team. Levingston could have washed his hands free and turned a tidy profit, but he has proven he is in this for the long haul.

    I also think it is safe to say that Jad never really had much money at all, that’s why she was in the ABA. She saw the low start-up fee (the Rainmen paid $20,000 to get into the ABA), and then convinced Levingston to bring the team here. The organization (especially initially) didn’t go out and spend tons of cash. The team no doubt lost tons of money last year, and I am sure Jad felt a lot of anxiety over that. Mind you, most of this is theory.

    Now here is where my crazy speculation comes in to play, which is likely way off base. I think before Dobbin came along, the Rainmen were going to stick with the rest of the ABA Northeast, wherever they turned up. I think when he showed up, the Rainmen knew they had big transfusion of cash, and realized that the NBADL was now a possibility, that’s when they broke off from the rest of the teams. I think without Dobbin, the Rainmen would be in the PBL right now. It’s almost a role reversal for Levingston, before he was the money behind the group (remember how mysterious he was before the All-Star game?), and now Dobbin is the money behind the group. I am not sure Levingston alone would have been capable of financing an NBADL team, especially considering he was willing to subsidize travel.

    I also hate how the NBADL did not give the Rainmen the courtesy of a definitive “No”. That release was sort of a sleaze ball move, in my opinion.

    I hope Halifax doesn’t dismiss the Rainmen if they play in the PBL, but it really does feel like a let down or a move sideways. The organization deserves to be successful. However, for fans used to following major leagues and the QMJHL, the PBL is sort of a joke. Will this season kill any possible growth? Confusion about leagues may also turn away some fans. I have to wonder, if the Rainmen play this year in the PBL and then move to the NBADL the next year, will it be too late? Will fans have already made up their impressions about the team? Will the constant league shuffling hurt the team’s perception? The NBADL would have been something that the city could have got excited about, and I think the Rainmen would have thrived. However, now I don’t know what the future will hold. Let’s hope for the best.

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