James Tyler Works Out with Raptors

As Andrew Streeter helpfully pointed out in a comment, James “Don’t Call Me Baby Shaq” Tyler worked out for the Toronto Raptors today.

It’s obviously a huge opportunity for him, but realistically he doesn’t have a shot – unless the Raptors decide to throw the dice on their second round pick (there is an incredibly deep first round but it thins out in the second) on him and hope he develops – let’s remember he’s only 19 and is a physical monster.

Today they look like they tried out big men and all the other names on the work out list are really strong prospects (Hibberts, Donte Green, Kyle Landry, Batum) so even the day of work outs is a great opportunity for him to improve on his game and get some work out experience that could help him in a few years when he’s ready for the big show (or at least D-League).

Edit:  This interview with Jim Kelly suggests just how it was the Tyler got there:  JaVale Magee wasn’t able to make it so Tyler stepped in to provide someone for Hibbert to work out against.

Quote from the interview: “Magee had issues and couldn’t play and then we had to get James Tyler who played briefly in the minor leagues this year and is sort of a rare case; but at least he was a 7 footer who could go up against Hibberts.”


2 thoughts on “James Tyler Works Out with Raptors

  1. Yup. You’re right, I totally forgot that this year’s second rounder was one of the two they gave up for Delfino. Upon further thought I also realized that there is no way that they’re waste a second rounder (if they had one) on Tyler, anyway – he is on no one’s raider as is, so why waste it?

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