Rainmen Talking About Next Season

Some quick notes from a pair of Metro stories:

– In yesterday’s story Wuest seems to indicate that the Rainmen are looking at staying in the PBL for the long term, not just a year:

“We made some friends (with the D-League brass). … We might make a phone call every now and then to say hello but we’re extremely excited to be in the PBL,” he said. “We’re looking forward to a long relationship.”

–  The Rainmen have targetted Brian Silverhorn as a player they want to bring back next year.  I think it’s a great idea and I would add Kadiri to that list.  I have heard rumours that James Tyler should be back, too.  Livingston talks about wanting to build a defensive team which should be exciting since this year’s team had a frustrating habit of getting blown by for easy lay ups.  They lacked a lock down guy at the 2/3 and more importantly, just lacked a defensive intensity that is needed to keep players out of the paint.  Levingston also mentions his desire to target Div. 1 players.  I am excited for next year already.


4 thoughts on “Rainmen Talking About Next Season

  1. I’m not sure how the defence is going to improve if Lewis stays as coach. This year he couldn’t get them to box out or attack the ball inside. You’re right that they need guys to contest outside shots too, and all that comes from coaching philosophy.

  2. Another scoop by Metro’s Matthew Wuest:


    The NBA Development League issued a statement to Metro Halifax yesterday offering the thoughts of president Dan Reed on why the Halifax Rainmen were not granted an expansion team for the 2008-09 season.

    “Our due diligence revealed a number of operational issues related to Halifax’s geographical location that posed challenges given our current geographic footprint and status as the official minor league of the NBA, and (they) could not immediately be resolved in a satisfactory manner,” Reed said.

    “Aside from these issues, we do feel that Halifax can be a strong market for an NBA D-League team, and we were impressed by the ownership, the arena and its management, commitments made by civic and business leadership, and the strong support for basketball in Halifax.”

    The Rainmen announced Monday they had joined the Premier Basketball League after their bid to join the D-League fell short. Rainmen owner Andre Levingston gave no indication he would reapply to the D-League in 2009-10 and said he is “looking forward to a long relationship with the PBL.”


    As I mentioned in my SWOT analysis in March, the Rainmen organization and Halifax as a city are our strengths and our location with respect to the other NBADL cities is our weakness. Until we get a group of Northeast cities into the NBADL, we will probably stay with the PBL.

    Mr. Levingston’s remark about the “long relationship with the PBL” is expected, no one wants to be told they are a one-night stand.

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