Jermaine Anderson Playing Well for Team Canada

Former Rainman point guard Jermaine Anderson has been playing well for Canada as the men’s team tries to claw its way into the olympics.

He scored 17 points on 70% shootings (!) in a 79-77 victory over Korea today, including the final 4 points of the game, including the go ahead three.  He also had five boards and 3 assists (I think his rebounding is something we sort of over looked when he played for Halifax.  He was a great defensive rebounder). He had nine points in a losing effort against Slovenia a few days ago.  Halifax have to take on a tough Croatian team on Friday.  The winning team goes into the semis and have a shot at the Olympics: the top 3 teams get to go to Bejing.

This is really off topic, but Dalembert has left the national team and will not return.  Denam Brown never showed up for camp.  Leo Rautins seems to be having rough relationships with his star players, if he keeps this up we may be able to get him to come coach the Rainmen after Canada gives him the boot.


2 thoughts on “Jermaine Anderson Playing Well for Team Canada

  1. I was going to post the same thing. That game against Korea was an amazing comeback and Anderson lead the charge. He had a huge steal and nailed the game-winning three, yet he didn’t even blink he just hustled to mark his man. This guy is all focus, a great leader. He pushes the ball up the floor with ease. Everyone should watch these games on the Score. It’s really frustrating to know that we had the most talented and smartest player in the league yet we used him so poorly.

    Rautins shouldn’t be coaching this team. That was a bad decision by Basketball Canada.

  2. Canada needs a coach who makes more room on the team for guys like Steve Nash instead of just playing his own son.

    Jermaine Anderson is a very good player and more than a capable backup at international level, but Canada as a country isn’t deep enough to let the coach alienate Nash, Magloire, and now Dalembert. These teams play a lot of games in a short period of time in tournament play. Imagine how effective Canada could be with 25-30 minutes of Nash and 10-15 minutes of Anderson off the bench, instead of forcing Anderson to start what should have been four games in five days (or possibly five in six) with no competent player behind him should he get in foul trouble. What we got instead was three games in four days, and without Anderson’s heroics it would have been two-and-done.

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