Season Tickets

The Rainmen seem to be calling around last year’s season ticket holders asking about renewals.  I’m basing this on memory but the prices for next year are: $224 for seats in the bowl, $440ish for sideline floor seats.   I’ll be renewing my tickets next week.

The Rainmen are now in a new office space and have a new phone number:  444-RAIN.  The website should be up and running with a new version on the PBL template in the near future.


Minor Updates

Two small stories that Chris Cochrane mentioned today in the Herald:

1)  Benoite got the job at MUN.  Congrats to the former captain of the Rainmen!  It was great that he got to use the Rainmen as a stepping stone to a potential career in basketball.

3)  The Rainmen donated 2000 mini-basketballs to Sport Nova Scotia.  I think this is great, it’s a good PR move and is for a good cause.  That said, I have a sneaking suspicion that they had 2000 ABA miniballs sitting in a warehouse in Burnside that they knew they’d never be able to sell.  But maybe I am just cynical.

Benoite Shortlisted For MUN Coaching Job

Former Memorial stand out and Rainmen guard Peter Benoite is one of the two finalists for the vacant coaching job at MUN.  The other is MUN assistant coach Augy Jones.  Benoite is from Newfoundland, played at MUN where he was an all Canadian and prior to joining the Rainmen was an assistant coach there.  I don’t know much about the MUN team other than the fact that it was one of the worst teams in the country last year, but I do know that Benoite is a guy who has been committed to Newfoundland basketball for a long time and has a wealth of basketball experience.  He’s also an incredibly nice guy and I was always pleasantly surprised that he would talk to me about my heckling on occasion and actually discuss the game a bit instead of telling me to shut the fuck up.  I really hope he gets the job.

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