Is the PBL Good for Halifax?

Chris Cochrane at the Chronicle Herald thinks so.

I tend to agree with him, I think that the league is more realistic about its goals than the ABA was (and is), and the teams tend to be much more solid than the teams in the old league.  I am concerned with the fact that some expansion teams disappeared before they really appeared (i.e. the Toronto Lazers) and that the returning Quad cities team decided to throw in the towel before the season starts, but at least these didn’t happen during the season. I also think that instability is the reality in the minor leagues, particularly given the new financial realities.  The measure of a league is how it tries to cope with this instability and the PBL seems to be doing pretty good thus far.


3 thoughts on “Is the PBL Good for Halifax?

  1. The PBL’s approach is a nice change from the ABA’s over-promise and really, REALLY under-deliver — OK, actually never deliver — method of “running” a “league”.

  2. Joe Newman posted in the comment section (what other CEO does this?):

    Chris. Just had a chance to read your column re the Halifax Rainmen. Well written. Halifax was a great ABA city. The support of the fans, the sponsors, the media was outstanding and the ABA was very proud to be a part of the Halifax sports scene. The fact is that there would not have been an ABA All Star Game in Halifax had the ABA not loaned Andre Levingston $50,000 to pay for the travel and the concert – a loan that was to be paid back out of the proceeds of the concert and game. Andre did not repay the loan. Further, the agreement to admit Halifax into the league in the first place was with a guarantee of an airline deal that would make travel from the US to Canada (and vice versa) affordable and within the ABA travel guidelines. That did not happen. ABA teams did everything they could to accommodate the time, effort and expense to get to Halifax because of the great support of the city. The PBL has built its league targeting ABA teams because it has the inability to recruit its own teams – something that is very clear. For Andre or the PBL to talk about their “stability” when it is only ABA teams that make up their league is absurd – and it should be quite apparent by now. While we are not happy to “lose” Halifax to another league, we are happy that the fans of Halifax will have quality basketball at affordable prices – and they are all ABA teams anyway. Good luck to you. We will miss being in Halifax. Joe Newman ABA CEO

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