So About the Edmonton Chill…

This talk of Crookshank returning to Halifax got me curious about the Edmonton Chill – the IBL team he was briefly signed to in the spring, but promptly left after promises of accomodations didn’t come through.  At the time the team claimed he didn’t fit in so they released him, Eric said he left when he was told to pay for his own living arrangements.  I assumed he wasn’t lying, some internet naysayers claimed he was.  No one got upset about it.

So I looked for some articles online today instead of doing school work (aka reading about the development of Mothers’ Allowances and social security in Ontario) and found this home run of an article.  I think we can say pretty definitively that the owner was trying to rip Crookshank off.  Unlike a lot of people, Eric left before he could get fleeced.


3 thoughts on “So About the Edmonton Chill…

  1. I am actually just finishing up a post on some thoughts about how I think the Rainmen should build the roster – I’ll probably post it tomorrow sometime. Getting CIS (particularly AUS) graduates is definitely one of my recommendations. Oliver did surprisingly well and Charles Fortier for the Kebs was an absolute beast.
    Two extra thoughts on CIS players and the rainmen:

    1) They need to get a tryout camp happening ASAP. All the other NE teams are snapping up all the regional talent interested in playing in the PBL.

    2) The two main people for the Rainmen when it comes to scouting talent and making personnel decisions are Andre and Rick Lewis, neither of whom have any known connection to the CIS or relationships with coaches. Do they have the ability to identifying and sign top CIS prospects?

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