More PBL Draft News

Chad Lucas wrote an article about the Rainmen’s roster plans and there is tons and tons of info in it.  Go take a look.

Some of the highlights:

– Rainmen are looking to draft a big man with the number 2 pick.  Probably a good plan – if there is anything I have learned in the last 12 months it is that there is a near endless supply of combo guards who think they can play pro-ball floating around the minors.  I am still worried that whoever the Rainmen draft won’t be willing to make the trip up to Halifax.  If Steve Francis can do it to Vancouver than there is no way that a minor league guy can’t do it to Halifax.

– There won’t be the sort of tryout camp structure from last year – Levingston is traveling around looking at talent at other camps and combines.  I gather that he was in TO for the Iowa Stampede camp last week.  There will be an open tryout in Halifax in November.

– They are waiting it out and being patient when looking for talent which is why they haven’t pulled the trigger yet.  They claim they’re looking for D-league and NBA cast offs.  I think that last year’s roster proves that just because you pick the team early does not mean that you pick the team well.

– The schedule should be out soon.  Most of the games will be against opponents on this side of the continent: Quebec, Vermont, Rochester, Manchester.  This is good – I anticipate Vermont, Rochester and Manchester to be in the top tier of the league which should make for some good games.  The only question is if Halifax can put the talent on the floor to beat those teams.


One thought on “More PBL Draft News

  1. I think that they just need to sign one of the returning players so they can start with promotion. We know someone is coming back and I think that they have a good idea on who those people are. If you get the ball rolling early there will be a buzz that will be able to build for a longer time leading up to the season.

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