PBL Draft is Tonight

So the PBL draft is tonight and the Metro has a bit of info on who the Rainmen will draft. My importantly: the first round pick has already committed to coming to Halifax. Thank god.

On a less stellar note:  exclusive PBL negotiating rights on the 4 protected players and the two draft picks expire November 16.  On the one hand this makes veteran protection/drafting less useful, on the plus side it will force Halifax to hurry up and sign some people.

You can watch it streamed online starting at 8pm AST on the PBL website.

Levingston dropped some hints on who the player they’re targeting is:

The Rainmen, who pick after the Detroit Panthers, have identified a big man who was reportedly a top PBL player last year. They are already confident he will report to Halifax.

“The player we’re looking to draft, we’ve had conversations with him,” Rainmen co-owner Andre Levingston said. “He’s very familiar with this city, with our organization. He’s excited about the opportunity to come to Halifax.”

A top PBL big man would certainly have been protected by his team, so it must be a player from a now defunct team.  My guess would be Xavier Morton – a 6’9 PF who was the fifth leading scorer in the PBL with 18.1 ppg and 4th in rebounds averaging 8.5.  He is without a team now that the Jacksonville Slam have called it quits.  Oddly enough, he may or may not have been on the Georgia Gwizzlies last year at some point.  It’s hard to tell.

There are other players floating around without teams now that a few franchises have thrown in the towel.  With Quad City out of the picture this year PBL MVP Bobby Anderson certainly fits the bill.  Anderson had already signed with Quad City before they folded and as the Riverhawks’ coach says: “For the players, they picked us over other teams to go to, but now they have to scramble and find someplace else to play. I feel bad for them and the assistant coaches, because there was no warning this might happen.”
Anderson is a 6’6 shooting guard and averaged 18.2 ppg (4th in PBL), 9.4 rpg (2nd) shot 50.4% from the field (4th) and was a surprisingly good three point shooter hitting 44.6% of his shots from beyond the arc.  He can shoot from outside but does most of his scoring inside – exactly what the Rainmen need.  Get on this!


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