Rainmen Draft PBL vet, Acadia Grad

Picture stolen/borrowed from the PBL website

Picture stolen/borrowed from the PBL website

So the draft may or may not have officially happend yet, but the Rainmen have already announced their selections:

First Round:  Former Acadia Axemen star Walter Moyse who last played proball in Switzerland.  Originally from PEI he played in the 3rd division of England in the past.  He’s 6’10 and has some local name recognition.  I really wonder if he was actually on any one else’s PBL radar.  This seems like a bit of a PR move, but it gives the team the real centre it needs and provides a marketable, legitimate star with a local connection so I am definitely not complaining.  He’s the big white guy I was hoping for. That video makes him look surprisingly athletic.

Second Round: David Bailey is 25 year old 6’8 power forward to played for a community college in the states but managed to put up almost 11/8 last year for the Maryland Nighthawks who were one of the better PBL teams.  All indications are that he’s a banger who will clean up the glass and play rough.  Perfect.

Both players have already agreed to report to Halifax.  Moyse will arrive next week, Bailey in December.

I think this is a successful day for the Rainmen.  They managed to sign two legit minor league big men, one of whom is incredibly marketable.  If they re-sign Kadiri and Eric then they will have one of the best big man rotations in the PBL, without a doubt.  They will also have the depth to move KD to the bench to play as an energy guy (I just hope he gets his minutes) and will have option of moving KD or Eric to the 3 for stretches (I don’t think they’ll have a choice if everyone is going to get their minutes).  I also like that they got guys who can produce and help the team, but who are not going to challenge Eric as the go alpha dog, particularly on offense. They still need one more guy to shore up the front line, but it could be a local guy or a project – the fifth big won’t see too much time. (or at least I hope he won’t.  Rick Lewis is on the bench, remember)

As definite bonuses:  they got guys who have agreed to report to Halifax, and they got guys with minor league experience.

This is definately a promising start.


3 thoughts on “Rainmen Draft PBL vet, Acadia Grad

  1. The draft occured at 2:45pm Atlantic Time, and was streamed last night at 8pm. The releases annoucing our draft picks were not issued until after the draft had actually occured. Thanks for being such an avid fan, it’s appreciated!

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