Post-Draft Media Wrap Up

Not surprisingly, the main spin in the local papers is that an Atlantic Canadian kid got drafted by the Rainmen.  The Metro and the Herald ran essentially the same story.  But Chris Cochrane wrote a good column on what has changed in the last 12 months for the Rainmen.  Bottom line:  if the Rainmen sink or swim this season it is 100% a result of their doing.

Edit:  a paper in PEI picked up the story and more or less just reprinted the press release.

It’s still unclear if Halifax managed to grab the attention of casual/potential fans with the activity of the last 24 hours, but I was personally pretty impressed with the whole thing.

I’ve got to say – having two legit players signed to the team (plus 4 who sound like they will be signed) has me excited for the new season.  I also feel that from a basketball standpoint that David Bailey is a bigger signing than Moyse.  All indications are that Bailey is tough, physical and likes to bang around inside which is exactly what the Rainmen lacked last year.

Another edit: The PBL draft video is online now.  I don’t have time to watch the whole thing, but it looks good at the begining.  Definately looks slick.


One thought on “Post-Draft Media Wrap Up

  1. ‘I also feel that from a basketball standpoint that David Bailey is a bigger signing than Moyse.”

    I agree with that. Both players have experience. However, we know that Bailey can produce in the PBL and his skill set seems to be exactly what this team needs. Look at his Maryland stats for individual games; you can see this guy is a beast on the boards. There are couple of games where he was grabbing 15+ boards.

    Moyse is a wildcard. He obviously played against lower quality players the last two years. I don’t know much about him. The video makes him look long and athletic, but I wonder, does he have any post moves or does he just run fast breaks? I have no clue. His AUS stats are good, but not overwhelming. Including out-of-conference games his numbers in his final and best season were:

    30.2 MPG
    7.7 RPG
    12.1 PPG
    .542 FG%

    Those look nice, but compare them to these numbers:

    28.7 MPG
    11.1 RPG
    20.6 PPG
    .555 FG%

    Those numbers were Dennie Oliver’s in the 2001-02 season for the Xmen. That being said, Moyse hasn’t been away from basketball for years like Oliver. Plus he obviously has a passion to play pro basketball, and therefore practice, also unlike Oliver.

    I do like the signing; I would just be surprised if he becomes a star for the Rainmen.

    Overall, I was impressed with the Rainmen and the PBL. The event got the Rainmen some good press, and I like the direction that the team is taking towards building this year’s team.

    Now if they can just start updating the website!!

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