Rainmen Release Schedule… I think?

There’s a press release up on OSC from the Rainmen announcing their schedule…. Only the version online does not include said schedule.  The website also hasn’t been updated in months so I can’t seem to find it.  If I had to guess I’d say that they appended the schedule as a separate attachment or something similar and that’s why it’s on OSC.

There is some neat info in the press release though.  Highlights:

  • Preseason games starting in December
  • Schedule will include the old favourites:  Montreal, Vermont, Manchester and Quebec plus out of conference opponents.
  • Lots of sponsors on board including: Rogers, Z103, the Metro, Coke, and Marks Work Warehouse.  No mention of Reebok coming back for next year.

Edit:  The whole schedule is posted only by Chad Lucas.  He breaks it down step by step so I won’t rehash it, but it looks really good!


3 thoughts on “Rainmen Release Schedule… I think?

  1. Jan 24 – Halifax at Detroit
    Jan 25 – Buffalo at Halifax, 2 p.m.

    Regardless of the game time in Detroit that has to be an exhausting, if not impossible, back-to-back set of games. Hopefully there is a typo in there or the Rainmen are going to be in for a tough weekend.

  2. The Rainmen’s goal for attendance is 4,000 per game. I am not sure if they can get there, but if they continue to market the team like they did half way through last year (i.e. bill boards by the bridge, TV ads, radio ads, school visits) I think that attendance could jump at least 50%. They made a great impression last year, and won a lot of people over. They got a lot of press this summer, so this year will be interesting.

    As for the schedule, the weekend games will help. I just wish we could get to see Rochester.

    Now update the website!

  3. I know it’s early, but I am sort of concerned as to how they are marketing the “pre-season” games. Let’s be honest, to the casual fan “Halifax Rainmen vs. Vermont Frost Heaves, pre-season action” isn’t going to be much of a draw. They need to market the games as a tournament, or something to give them meaning. We could be seeing lots of orange seats if they don’t find a different way to market those games…

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