Rainmen Launch New Website

Check it out!

It’s been a long time coming but it looks really, really good.  The colours fit perfect with the template and it’s a big step up from an already decent website.  Still lots of broken links, but for Day 1 I am liking it.  The last two weeks has shown tons of promise things are really looking up for next season.

Ticket prices are up as well… which reminds me:  I still haven’t renewed the season tickets.  Someone should take over Duncan’s seat and join me in heckling.

Also:  Vitamin Water are on board as a sponsor next year.


5 thoughts on “Rainmen Launch New Website

  1. I really like the look. I was afraid the Rainmen would get a rush job like Montreal, Augusta and others. But it looks like, for whatever reason, the Rainmen got more emphasis put on their site than most. It’s also strange that the Rainmen had their site finished before the other teams that joined the PBL BEFORE them.

    The ticket pricing has gone though some changes. Kids tickets are now just $11. Hell, a kid could get a season ticket for $99! I think this is a good move, kids seemed to make up a lot of the fan base. This should make it more affordable to bring them out. Also they broke the ‘courtside’ seating in to different brackets. The “end zones” are cheaper now, and the actual courtside is broken into two groups – 1st row is now ‘VIP’, and 2nd and 3rd row are priced together separate from the 1st row. Flexibility is a good thing. Hopefully the ends won’t always be so empty now.

    Now they just need to put some more content on the site. Things are looking promising though!

  2. Two games against Montreal (one home and one away) that were listed in Chad Lucas’s article on the schedule have disappeared in the schedule shown on the website. It also shows their game in Detroit being 7pm on a Saturday night followed by a 2pm home game the next day. Sounds brutal if not impossible

  3. I love that some of the teams are near me when I moved to Toronto. I plan on attending both the Buffalo and the Detroit games so that I can heckle the other team with my jersey on. and I will check out how to get tickets for these events. Does anyone know? or does anyone know if I can get tickets in specific areas of the courts?

    Crookshank, Richard, Silverhorn and Jimmy I will see you there.

    I will hopefully get to see some of the managment too.

    Your favourite (/maybe second favourite if you like Chris) Heckler.

  4. Hey Dunc13, I’m from Buffalo; looking foward to having a Rainmen fan in the stands! I can help get you some tickets once the season gets closer.

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