More schedule notes

The schedule on the Rainmen website is missing two games against Montreal which were in the press release.  I hope it is just an oversight.

Chris Cochrane praises the Rainmen schedule in today’s Herald.  One thing worth commenting on:

About the only negative aside from the short 20-game regular season schedule, which the second-year league is expected to lengthen as it grows, is that the Rainmen go almost a month from late February to late March without a home game.

That’s due to quirks in the PBL schedule and a busy scheduling time for Metro Centre. The team will need to be innovative to retain interest from fans over that period.

That month could really hurt the Rainmen if they don’t figure out how to fill it. Not only do they risk returning to the Metrocentre as irrelevant, but they will still have bills and paychecks to pay during that month.  To make matters worse, there is a solid two weeks where they don’t play any games, anywhere.  They have two options during March in my eyes:  Run a spring break skills camp for kids from March 16-20 (throw in some free tickets for the kids and a parent for the Machester game on the 22nd, too) and have the guys practice in the evenings during that week.  During the earlier, longer February 28 to March 14th lay off they should consider a series of exhibition games outside of the Halifax downtown.  A game in Preston, a game in Sackville and/or Bedford, and maybe even take the show on the road to the Valley, or PEI or something.  You’re paying the players/staff either way so why not play games in tiny gyms against local opponents as a marketing gimic?  The season is already short so you don’t have to worry about fatigue as much, and you can give the bench guys some burn.  What’s the downside to this?
A final, kind of strange note:  Cochrane’s colum mostly deals with the talk of a new NHL team in Toronto.  This has been huge news in Canada and as you can guess, the internet is full of people looking for info.  Lots of those people typed “Toronto expansion team” into google to see what would come up; in a strange twist of fate my blog comes up as the first result.  I was really curious as to why I was getting 100 hits more per day than I expected this week.


4 thoughts on “More schedule notes

  1. The website is actually missing 4 games:
    Jan 11 – Montreal at Halifax
    Jan 16 – Halifax at Vermont
    Jan 18 – Halifax at Manchester
    Feb 27 – Halifax at Montreal

    I hope they correct the problem to show that there aren’t multiple gaps in the schedule.

    P.S. I think Toronto should get an NHL team. 41 years of “re-building” the Leafs is laughable.

  2. For Immediate Release

    South Burlington, VT – The Vermont Frost Heaves are pleased to announce their schedule for their 2008/2009 inaugural Premier Basketball League Schedule. The schedule features home and away games against division rivals Manchester, Quebec City, Montreal, and Halifax as well as visits to and from Buffalo and Rochester.

    As part of the Frost Heaves continuing effort to bring fan-friendly affordable pro basketball to Vermont, they have also scheduled a Champlain Cup Series between themselves, Manchester, Quebec and Montreal with additional home and home dates to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of both Lake Champlain and the City of Quebec. It will be an ongoing series during the course of the regular season and the winner will be awarded the Champlain Cup as the Champion.

    The Frost Heaves will also host the PBL Green Mountain Tip-off, a pre-season tournament in Barre on December 27-28, 2008 in a round robin format with teams from the PBL. As of this writing the teams have not been announced, but it will be exciting for the fans and the players as there will be a winner take all cash prize to be shared by the winning team.

    A letter addressing season ticket sales to existing season ticket holders will be mailed this weekend and once all season ticket holders from previous seasons have had a chance to renew their tickets, tickets will be put on sale to the general public.

    The Heaves did this right. They play 26 games during the season, and have a preseason tournament.

    Why are they Rainmen not in on this?

  3. Also,

    To the Rainmen,

    Stop trying to work red into the logo. Randomly outlining parts of the logo in red doesn’t look right. The colours and logo are fine without it.

  4. Anyone know when the free agent camp dates are yet??? Seems pretty late not allowing people to make plans and make it out for the camp.

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