Preseason Plans Need Some Clarification

With the season soon upon us there are three glaring questions that the Rainmen need to answer sooner rather than later:

1)  Who is on this team? It’s barely a month until training camp is supposed to start and so far we only know of two players who are signed, neither of whom are star calibre players.  The four players who the Rainmen have “exclusive negotiating rights” for still aren’t confirmed, and the only one we’ve heard anything from is Crookshank.  I’ve heard rumours that at least one player on the list hasn’t heard a word from the Rainmen and only knew about being on this list from newspaper reports.

2)  When is the Halifax tryout camp? If you want people to believe that they can really make the team then you probably need to have this camp soon.  Let’s say you’re starting training camp in the first week of December, that means that you need to give locals players at least two weeks notice so they can quit/renegotiate jobs so that they can play the season (and even that is definately cutting it too close).  That means the tryout needs to end and players need to be selected no later than November 14.  If you want to give adaquate notice of the tryouts to get quality players out then you need to ideally give a months notice, three weeks at the very latest so guys can get time off work, prepare, etc..  That means that the tryouts should have been announced some time last week.

3)  What is going on with the preseason games? Vermont announced a home and away tournament with Montreal, Quebec, and Manchester… but Halifax was left out.  Vermont also announced a post-Christmas series on the 27th and 28th in Vermont.  So this means that the teams in close proximity to Halifax, with whom Halifax has existing relationships with most likely have a full pre-season schedule.  In addition to that, the days following Christmas, which the Rainmen have said were the ideal time for preseason games, have a tournament which makes more geographic sense for potential opponents on the same dates.  Hopefully something can be worked out, as I think a boxing day game is a great idea.


3 thoughts on “Preseason Plans Need Some Clarification

  1. The Vermont tournament is being billed as a Lake Champlain tournament, that is why those teams are involved.

    I agree with you, the front office needs to get some solid info out there to promote the team before the season starts.

  2. Sign Eric, KD, Twyman and Silverhorn and I will be happy.

    I do think they dropped the ball on the preseason games though. They should have promoted them differently. Vermont did it right, a tournament before the season, and cup games throughout the year. “Preason” exibition games won’t sell.

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