Players Who I Want Halifax to Sign

Guard Rashid Al-Kaleem

Guard Rashid Al-Kaleem

Forward Rob Sanders

Forward Rob Sanders

Since the Rainmen aren’t signing anyone, I am going to just start throwing out the names of players I want the team to sign.

The first two suggestion:  Rashid Al-Kaleem and Rob Sanders who played for the Manchester Millrats last year.  If you saw the Millrats’ games in Halifax then you know that these guys are obvious players to pursue.  See why I think the choice is so obvious after the jump.

Both guys were in the Manchester tryout camp but neither made it.  I also have heard that it was suggested to Lewis and Livingston from the Millrats that Al-Kaleem would be a nice addition.  Both players have the experience that the Rainmen lacked: they both went to Div. 1 schools, and they both have significant minor league experience.

Al-Kaleem played a year under Billy Donovan at Florida and then spent a year at American International before joining the Cape Cod Frenzy and Manchester.  He torched Halifax in a game last year, dropping some big threes in the forth quarter in what was a fairly tight game.  He’s a solid defender, deadly three point shooter and can get to the basket, particularly when he’s in the open court.  He is also a very solid defender, and at 6’4 with some strength, he is definately not a small two guard.  I could easily see him starting for the Rainmen or definately being a first guard off the bench. Al-Kaleem was one of the few players to stay with Manchester for the whole season last year and put up solid numbers coming off the bench for a team with a crowded backcourt.

Rob Sanders has played in the NCAA tournament when he was with Providence and also played for Cape Cod and Manchester.  He’s 6’6 and and can easily play the four or three.  He is athletic, has surprising range for a player with his toughness and size and creates matchup problems all over the place since he has the power and low post moves to back down smaller defenders and the speed to beat bigger guys off the dribble.  He also take it hard to the rim.  You may remember him causing havok in his games in Halifax, leading to some pretty fierce heckling.  He definately has a nasty streak to him, but that is exactly what Halifax was lacking last year.

Both guys are great athletes, above average defenders, experienced and fierce competitors.  Both guys can also get to the rim and not just settle for midrange jump shots.  Basically they’re exactly what Halifax was lacking last year.  I think that their intensity goes a long way to solving Halifax biggest problem – a lack of focus.  C’mon Levingston, pull the trigger and get these guys in Halifax.


6 thoughts on “Players Who I Want Halifax to Sign

  1. Wow. They did not make the Manchester team this year? How good will the Millrats be this year if Sanders didn’t make it? I hope the Rainmen front office is working like mad, behind the scenes, to put together a strong team if this is the caliber of player that doesn’t make the competition’s roster.

  2. These guys were also very receptive to our taunting and I think would make a splash with their big personalities in a place like Halifax. We are assuming that they have not signed with anyone else in the mean time.

  3. Sanders has an attitude but reminded me of a minor league version of Rashid Wallace.

    I think the Rain Men need his swagger and attitude. Having a guy on your team who is a bit of an asshole isnt always a bad thing.

  4. I would suggest the Rainmen also sign their two draft picks unless they really want to be scrambling to assemble a full lineup. I haven’t seen any confirmation that Moyse or Bailey are signed.

  5. Sanders was one of the players who was released by Manchester in January last year when they purged the team and rebuilt. And Al-Rasheed just fell victim to a new coach bringing in his own guys. I think both guys are still quality players on the same level as the players Manchester signed. That said, Manchester’s roster is stacked for this year, they’re my early pick to win the PBL championship.

    Paul: I have just sort of assumed that Halifax already signed their picks, but I guess that that’s a bit of a premature assumption. Moyse obviously isn’t going anywhere else, but Bailey still needs to be locked down. I also think that they need to figure out what is going on with the 4 Rainmen from last year.

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