CIS Championship Coming Back to Halifax

The AUS were the only group to bid to hold the CIS Championship Tournament, so it looks like it will be back in town in 2011.  This is obviously only good news for basketball fans, and if the Rainmen spin it properly it could be a great chance to cross promote the team.  That said:  it’s still 2 years off so I won’t live here at that point and given the winds of change in minor league basketball, it’s not certain that the Rainmen will be either.

On the downside, this story ties up the local sports media for the next two days (even longer if the CIS does something strange that drags the story out) keeping the Rainmen out of the papers (particularly the Metro with its limited number of stories) at a time when they need to be cranking up the hype machine.  Good thing they didn’t press release anything that was a big deal today.  Good anticipation from Nancy Shepard, the Rainmen’s PR director.


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