Rainmen Sign Twyman, Silverhorn, Sanders; KD Probably Not Coming Back

The roster is starting to take shape.

So when I suggested that Halifax sign Rob Sanders I didn’t anticipate them actually doing it, but it looks like he’s on the team and I am thrilled.  He hads a lot to the team, gives us a nasty edge, and has a ton of experience.

Silverhorn and Twyman will be back which is great as well.  Levingston is suggesting that Twyman will be in the second unit which means we can anticipate an announcement about a starting guard sooner rather than later.  I have heard that Crookshank will likely be back as well.

So it’s not 100% confirmed yet, but it looks like three of last year’s players will be brought into camp:  Eric, Silverhorn and Jimmy Twyman.  At this point from what I’ve heard it looks like KD will not be rejoining the team.  It was the Rainmen’s decision, not his.

On the one hand, I definately see the need to try to upgrade talent.  On the other hand, this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.  He was the best shotblocker in the minor leagues last year, and when given the freedom (or the ball) on offense he managed to show some real potential.  He has talents that are not easy to replace.  He was also a great locker room guy from everything that I’ve heard, he loved the city and was one of the most popular players on the team (Only Eric and Derico Wigginton-Downey had more fans).  You can see his Rainmen highlights here. Obviously we need to withhold judgment until we get confirmation, and see who they bring in in his place, but until we get those details this is more puzzling than anything else.

So it looks like as of right now the team is:

  • C/PF Walter Moyse*
  • PF Daivd Bailey*
  • PF/SF Rob Sanders
  • SF/SG Brian Silverhorn
  • PG/SG Jimmy Twyman

With Crookshank likely returning.  The two guys with the astrix by the name still haven’t been 100% confirmed.  So far the team already looks better than last year.  Get excited, Halifax.

Edit:  There was decent local newspaper coverage of the signings.  Both The Herald and The Metro ran stories in which we learn two interesting facts:

1)  Eric is not signed but they’re getting close and feeling optimistic about it.  At this point I am sure they’re talking about money.  I know that last year Eric managed to get some additional money through sponsorship, so hopefully everything pans out sooner rather than later.

2) The Metro article confirms the rumours which I’ve heard about KD.  Levingston is quoted as saying: “He may re-sign forward Kadiri Richard, but plans to explore other options first.”  From what I’ve heard, they’re chasing a guy “with NBA experience.”   Hopefully it’s not Sam Mack or another burnout.  If I had to make a totally random guess I’d say (and hope for) Gordon Malone who played for Albany in the CBA and Strong Island in the ABA.  He never played in the NBA, but he was drafted.  Note that I have nothing to back this up, but it’s as good of a guess as any.


13 thoughts on “Rainmen Sign Twyman, Silverhorn, Sanders; KD Probably Not Coming Back

  1. lol. Apparently the rainmen brass read your blog. Sanders has undeniable talent. He just needs to learn to control his emotions out there.

  2. Love Hate relationship with Sanders. He is the guy you love to have on your team but you hate playing against. But for me and Chris it was a love love. We loved heckling him but haveing him on the team just brings in more love. silverhorn is a legit outside threat and having guys who can spread the floor like Sanders and Eric so that they do not lock in on his jumper will make him come up huge. KD I loved and I can’t pass judgment on how it has ended or hasn’t ended untill I hear the story and it plays out. The team looks like it has less holes already than last year with a big lineup and some guys who will be able to score as well as rebound. You never know until they play togeather though.

    1 more thing “We want Jimmy”

  3. I’ll take KD over everyone of those guys signed already. Yes the team is looking good, and yes the guys they have signed are quality guys, but if your talking quality, highlight reel plays, team player, etc, KD tops all of them.

    Bring Kadiri back and this team will rock the Metro Center.

  4. Look at the poll on the Rainmen site right now. KD gets more votes than Eric, Brian or Jimmy. I think that says something.

    Hopefully its not to late to bring this guy back.

  5. It’s tied now with KD and Eric. I think it goes without saying that Derico, Eric and KD were by far the most popular players on the team.

    From an on court stand point does it make sense to bring him back?
    Assuming Eric is resigned we have four bigs on the roster with Eric, Sanders, Bailey and Moyse all natural power forwards. Moyse and Eric can potentially play centre, but it is sort of out of position for them. The team really needs to add another big who can body up against physically imposing big men for stretches. You add that player and that’s five big men, at least four of whom deserve rotation minutes. Add KD and suddenly that is one crowded front court.

    So Lewis needs to decide if he thinks that he can move Silverhorn to the two and put KD, Eric or Sanders (Sanders may be the best choice) to the three for significant minutes.

    I want KD back, but I think the team needs to commit to finding a role for him if they do. That front court is going to get crowded. Committing to him as second unit energy guy makes sense if it’s done right.

  6. Moving Sanders to the 3 would be my chcoice. Eric doesn’t have the outside range to play the 3 unless he really improved on it this summer. He is better in the post anyway. But here in the question then does that take Sanders too far from the basket to use his intensity on the glass? And with having a larger lineup I like KD coming from the weak side to get ummmmm I would say 8 blocks per game.

  7. So far, the only team that looks to have a pure centre is Quebec. I would play Bailey/Moyse at centre, Crookshank/Richard at PF, and Sanders at the three. Silverhorn should be moved to SG.

    As of now, Bailey has the size to match up with any big man in the league.

  8. If KD doesn’t get resigned that is going to be some straight up bullshit. when coach acsually played him he would have definitely have had as many points as Silverhorn. This is bullshit!!!!!

  9. I wonder if Eric Crookshank has not yet signed with Halifax because he may be looking at other options within the PBL. Maybe Rochester or Vermont, you never know. 🙂

  10. Wow,hey everyone hope all is well…..quick few lines before I go out to enjoy my birthday weekend…& yes this is your favorite Rainmen ..point blank humbleeeee speaking as always..league leader in blocks that can also shoot the mess out the ball when given the chance..but we all know it was not my role this past year..and that was ok…i loved being the top defender in the ABA…!!! Greeting to my close friends Mr. Kempton and Mr Barry Misener(aka Dad..aka…the best Owner of any bike shop in Canada..!!!…Bicycles Plus in Bedford near Chickenburger..!!!! As I type this i’m somewhat sad..besides being in a rush to get downtown Columbia..so please excuse my capitalization…and all other gramatical errors..!!!! Real quick ..I hope and prey for success for the team this year..but they have nobody such as myself that loves to play defense against anyone from small forwards to 7’3 centers daily in practice and still dominate…like normal..!!!! humbleeeee speaking..!!!!..lol…Seriously i hope all turns out well for the team …because Halifax deserves the best…or the best of the rest since i’m not up there..!!!! The city and the people are the best just like my friends and family from South Carolina..!!!
    I promise to write more and in detail by sunday..but first I must enjoy my 28th birthday…too bad I can’t go have some molson draft @ the 60 beers on tap place then go to the dome or palace..!!!!…lol..i think that really confirms its me…KD…much love to everyone…yall (SC SLANG..LOL!!) are the best…will write on sunday…I promise..email if yall want onenationalscout@aol.com….
    always with respect
    Kadiri Richard..# 5 07-08

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