The Bring Back KD Movement is Gaining Steam

So I just got a message in my in box and it came with a link to this website. It looks like people are really starting to rally around the goal of bringin Kadiri Richard back to Halifax.  I’ve had a big spike in hits this week and a lot more people finding the blog through googling KD’s name than normal.  It’s pretty hard to deny that he was one of the most popular Rainmen both on and off the court, and I think it’d be a waste to not see him back in a Rainmen jersey for a few reasons.  See those reasons after the jump.

First, I think he has something to contribute on the floor.  He’s a similar player to Walter Moyse, but he’s better and more experienced.  He has a unique skill that is very hard to find in the minors (he had 13 blocks in one game last year!) and can really play anywhere from the three to the five.  Halifax’s front court is definitely more crowded (and much better) than last year, but I think Kadiri would fit into a bench role.  He’s a good character guy who can give you 10-15 energy minutes off the bench.  His athleticism would be very difficult for the other team’s second stringers to cope with, and he could get more offensive touches since he wouldn’t be fighting for shots with the starters.  He’s not going to be the starter if comes back, but in a new role I think he could be extremely effective.  The guy is built to fill a Jerome “Junk Yard Dog” Williams type role.  He’s absolutely perfect for it.

Second, he’s an established favourite of fans, particularly younger ones, who went well beyond the call of duty when it comes to getting out and being active in the community.  He’s a mature, articulate spokesman for the team who is also incredibly likable in a genuine way.

Third, I think he’s a player who is worth the money.  It may cost a bit more to bring him in as the ninth man as opposed to someone else, but he is going to be better and filling the energy guy role than whoever you bring in, is not an ego case still trying to make the big time (i.e. he has a real career), and can help at the gate.  Ignoring his on court benefits, you have to think that KD is worth an extra $2-$3k at the gate/sponsorship goodwill/positive earned media, and while I don’t know what sort of money they’ve negotiated, I’d think that the difference in cost between him and whoever else they’d have at the end of the rotation can’t be much more than that.  He is also the kind of guy who could probably pick up some extra money through local sponsors.

Fourth, why throw away the development from last year?  The Rainmen had a losing season last year, and part of the reason was a reliance on guys who hadn’t played minor league ball before, and/or were out of high level basketball for a long time (Ferguson, KD, Benoit, Oliver, etc.), part of last season was those guys getting back into the flow of things.  Well we spent the money on a losing season last year to get KD back into the flow of things, so let’s take advantage.  If Halifax doesn’t re-sign him then I am 99% sure someone else, probably Vermont or Manchester, will try to.  And if none of last year’s players did improve then isn’t that a reason to can the coach, not just the players?

I think it’s a testiment to Halifax’s fans, and the Rainmen organization, that people actually care about who comes back.  The Rainmen need to take advantage of that, and if they don’t want to then they should at least let KD go negotiate and sign with a new team before the 15th so that he can find himself in a good situation elsewhere.  I think they at least owe him that.

If you want to show that you want to see KD back then you have a few options:


16 thoughts on “The Bring Back KD Movement is Gaining Steam

  1. KD was the best player with Crookshank no one can dunk like them, their better than some guys who just shoot from outside.,

  2. I agree with this post 100%. The team had room for guys like Leboise Gladden last year, why not bring in a guy who has a great attitude, knows his role, and brings big energy into the game. Oh yeah, and he can actually play. He doesn’t have to be a starter to bring his game, he can come off the bench and rack up some blocks and dunks. He is the ype of guy you want on your team.

    Bring back KD.

  3. I think we can all agree that none of us want to see any more guys like LeBoise Gladden. I also think it’d be better for the Rainmen to carry a smaller roster; 10 or 11 men rather than 12 or 13. Those things said, it is also safe to assume that somewhere in the 9-11 spot in the rotation the Rainmen will probably end up with the sort of player they new they were getting with Gladden – an athletically gifted player who is a risk. With KD they get an athletically gifted player from whom they know exactly what they’re getting on and off the court. I’d rather go with him then take a flyer on someone who has a 70% chance of washing out.

  4. JWD is probably the right analogy for KD.

    From what I remember of Walter Moyse he is good but not great, he was just taller than everyone else in the AUS. His video online does not make it look like he got much better either. Everything he does KD can do better.

  5. I am abit more willing to see who else Halifax sign before I make a big deal about this but I hope they can find space for Richard on the team.

  6. I think we’re also assuming that Crookshank re-signs. If the team fails to re-sign either Eric or KD then the front court is about at the same level as it was last year. If we don’t hear about Eric this week then I am going to start worrying.

    You also have to wonder if having KD around would make it more likely that Eric comes back. But I guess we’d just be guessing at this point

  7. In the world today there are many talented players with great athletic abilities that allow them to excel in their sport. Unfortunately, they’re a dime a dozen.

    There are also athletes out there that have that same skill set, but on top of that, they possess the ability to put the team first, and have the people skills, pride, and desire to promote their sport and organization outside the arena. These special athletes are what we call the “Total Package”, and if your lucky enough to sign one, you better be wise enough to hold onto them, because they’re far and few between.

    KD is the “Total Package”. Add some K Factor to the 09 lineup. The Rainmen team and fans will both be winners when this happens.

  8. Anon2: do you have a real source on that or is it just a guess?

    The “no negotiating with protected players” until Nov. 15th thing seems to preclude that. That said, no one outside of Halifax seems to be talking about this rule so who knows if it exists.

  9. Quick hey to everyone……hope all is well…thanks for all the support and love….headed to workout and train @ Golds Gym before my mens league game @ 8pm……will write more later…thanks again…much love to my FELLOW SCOTIANS… guys know I consider the province a second home.!!!!!
    Kadiri Richard # 5 07-08

  10. greetings to everyone…12-01-08..i will be reporting to a NEW team….close to home in the PBL…!!?!?!?!?!?!….I’ll explain later…
    Kadiri Richard..

  11. Congrats on the great news Kadiri!
    It’s good to see another organization must have been watching the Rainmen fan favorite poll and figured out what the fans were trying to tell their home team.
    Hey if over forty per cent of those crazy Halifax fans think Kadiri Richard is the teams best, we’re gonna sign him, if Halifax doesn’t.
    All your fans and friends will miss you, your big smile and your even bigger slams and blocks. Perhaps we’ll see you in the playoffs. (Don’t hurt us too bad)
    What am I supposed to do with all the Kadiri Richard bobble heads that we were giving away??? LOL..
    All the best in the future, you deserve it.

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