Rainmen Sign Three Players; Fail to Come to Terms with Moyse

Halifax have announced some more roster moves.

See my breakdown of the players and the current roster after the jump.

Cordell Jeanty is originally from Toronto player and starred in the ABA for both Quebec City and Montreal, and was named an ABA all star with both teams.  Before that he played JuCo ball in the states before transferring to Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville (NCAA Div. 2) where there is no evidence he actually played. He’s an athletic forward that Levingston said will play the three and four for the Rainmen – meaning those spots are going to be really, really crowded with top level players.  He’s 6’4, 6’6 or 6’7 depending on who you ask.

Kevin Hammack played Div. 1 ball at Citadel where he averaged 13ppg, 3 apg and 2 steals per game in his senior season in 2007. He’s a 6’1 point guard who contributed for four years at an NCAA Div. 1 school, giving us to D1 pgs on the roster.  I love the Hammack signing.  He put up really good numbers at a Div. 1 school and he is going to be a stable, mature figure for the Rainmen – he spent 5 years (he was medically redshirted in his 4th year after blowing out his knee early in the season) at a military school playing D1 ball!  That should help keep people in line.

The third player is Tyronne McNeal, a 7′ centre out of JuCo in the states.  A highly sought after recruit by Div. 1 schools, he’s a defensive specialist who is not only big but a pretty reasonable athlete.  While rebounding and guarding other post players are his forte he also has a back to the basket post game.  He signed a letter of intent to play this season with UNC-Wilmington, but never ended up there after failing to become academically eligibe despite taking a year off of basketball to gradute from Miami-Dade JuCo.  To make matters even more confusing, the Georgia Gwizzlies announced that he was playing for them on October 7.

Walter Moyse will also not be joining the Rainmen as they failed to come to terms with him on a contract.  If I had to guess I’d say he overvalued himself.  This creates an opportunity to bring back both KD and Eric.

Based on media cycles it is safe to assume that Halifax will announce something (more players?  Confirmed pre-season dates?) on Wednesday.

So as of right now the Rainmen’s roster looks like:

  • C – Tyronne McNeal 7′
  • PF – David Bailey (still no confirmation on his signing)
  • F – Rob Sanders
  • F – Cordell Jeanty
  • SF/SG – Brian Silverhorn
  • PG – Kevin Hammack
  • PG – Jimmy Twymann

There is still a reasonable chance that Eric comes back with an outside chance that KD shows up.  That’s seven players, maybe as many as nine.  Based on that line up I think we can expect to see Silverhorn putting in more minutes at SG with both Jeanty and Sanders there as all star calibre 4s who can also play small forward.  If the season started today the staring line up of McNeal, Sanders, Geanty, Silverhorn and Hammack is head and shoulder above last year’s team.  If Eric signs then you can replace McNeal with Crookshank at centre for a line up without a true centre, but with three power forwards.

The team still needs at least one more guard (I still want Al-Kaleem!), preferably with decent size who can shoot.  The team also lacks a lock down defender on the perimeter, and the token local dude.


33 thoughts on “Rainmen Sign Three Players; Fail to Come to Terms with Moyse

  1. I was actually starting to become fairly skeptical about Moyse. He seemed Eichelberger-esk, a guy that dominated in lower levels because he was tall and long, but isn’t considered big at this level. He was nowhere near the player that Oliver was. KD could do whatever he does better. I still want the Rainmen to sign Sherone Edwards or Paulo Santana, those are local guys that could actually help this team. Plus, Edwards was trying out in the CBA! He is a shooting guard who gets his points inside. Get this guy, Halifax.

    As for the other signings, I like them. Big time point guard, a legit big man, the only one in the league so far. Hopefully he is not as raw as Tyler. Jeanty is a good player who I always really liked. I like how the Rainmen are going out and signing some of the best players in the league from last year. But, things are definitely getting crowded in the front court. However, assuming we bring back Eric and/or KD, it should be like playing volleyball off the back board. If the team brings those guys back and gets a solid 2 guard, we might have a team that can compete with anyone in the league (talent wise).

  2. Chris, do you know why Halifax was left out of the Champlain Cup and the PBL Tip Off tournaments that the Heaves organized. It seems unusual that Monteal and Quebec were invited to both of these and not Halifax. You would have thought that they would have invited all Canadian teams. Maybe the cost of travel?

  3. I figure it’s due to travel costs. If you can play closer opponents in exhibition games, then why not do it?

    I have a bad feeling about how Halifax’s exhibition games are going to go.

  4. 2 guard or good shooting 3 needed to give silverhorn a back up. I like the signings. This is a great sign of things to come. great depth on the front court and at the PG position but the 2/3 sport needs 1 more guy. they need 4 more people. KD, Eric, a 2/3 combo and a local. With that we have bigs, we have small ball we can go inside and out, we can play 1/2 court (assuming Lewis has worked up some new plays in the summer other than high screen and roll and get it to Eric in the corner) and we can play full court.
    I would like to see some sort of combination of different motion offences put into the mix. I think with the talent of people who have played a high level of ball in some sort of systems shows that they could pick up plays and movement without the ball well.

    TB: Keep me updated on the ticket situation in Buffalo.

    Oh and what is with this I never got my free ice cream for a year from Pinkys.

  5. Chad Lucas made a good point over on his blog: The Rainmen’s release lists McNeal as 7′ 290lbs… other, earlier sources have him listed as 240-245 lbs. Either it’s a typo or he put on serious weight on his year off.

  6. Of course Dunc, as soon and single game tickets go on sale, we’ll be all set. They’ll be good walk-up seating available.

    I’ll keep you in the know.


  7. Back on topic, if the Rainmen get Eric and maybe KD back, you guys will look way stronger than last season!! Good signings so far, hope Halifax keeps it up for all of its dedicated fans!

  8. If we don’t hear about Eric this week then I am going to start getting really uncomfortable.

    That said – even if Eric doesn’t come back we will still have a better front court than last year.

  9. I think it will come down to Eric getting the money that he wants. I really want to see him back, but the longer time goes on the more unlikely it seems.

  10. These signing are very positive, and I agree with the flow of discussion that I’ve seen so far. I would like to suggest that maybe it’s not important that the Rainmen sign Crookshank. I would however think that the team should place signing KD (or a player like KD) above Crook. You’ve already sign 2 proven scores from the ABA last year (plus you got silverhorn). Scoring looks like it will not be an issue(depending on what we see in the form of plays and strategies), but something this team lacked most of the times last year was leadership (players, coach, etc) when Halifax needed some defensive stops in late game situations(heck, also throughout the game). Having players that you can bring on in late game situation is key. You can’t force a player to hustle or bring effort on defence, and I sure didn’t see it from some players last year, so it would be smart to bring in players that can anchor their defence in late games situations. KD showed that he can make a difference on the floor in this respect and with a little motivation (aka confidence) from the coach and other players to be the defensive Leader of the team; I can’t see why he couldn’t grow in the respect. The Rainmen will be better suited to win those close games. Defence is all about attitude in my books; you got to have the right attitude, the desire to stop a team, to be proud of your stops. KD was proud of that, and had a mindset that he was going to block everyone that came his way. (Heck, he would let them get the step on him so he could block them as they went up for the layup!)

    As a side note I’m not sure what kind of defence we can expect from some of the newer signings or the draft pick. I am assuming that Bailey and Sanders can bring some defensive intensity to the team.

    Either way it will be interesting to see how this team comes together, not just their skills, but mindsets and attitudes too. We had a lot of talent come through last year, but that didn’t equal wins, and I wouldn’t be so fast to blame that all on the coach.

  11. I think it will come down to Eric getting the money that he wants. I really want to see him back, but the longer time goes on the more unlikely it seems.

    Hey Joe, money is important but that is not the only consideration with some of these guys. It also is the probability of the team being “champions” and also how much of a mentor the coach is. Halifax is kind of weak in coaching.

  12. I’m glad Moyse is out. He just didn’t have the same level of ability that the other players on the team have. He would have been unhappy on the end of the bench,

  13. Basketball fan:
    I think the team currently is a lot better defensively this year then it was last year.

    Hammack holds the all time steals record at Citadel, and McNeal is supposed to be a defensive specialist, although I think he’s more of a guy who is good and defending other post players. Bailey is supposed to be a physical banger who works the boards hard and puts a body on guys, but I don’t know if he is a guy who will block a ton of shots. You’re right that without KD Halifax has no one who can block slashing perimeter guys or bring fast help defense. My bigger concern on defense is that most teams will try to score from the 2 or 3, and looking at the line up now we don’t have anyone who can stop a wing player who is torching us. We need a lock down perimeter guy.

    That said: you’re right, Halifax has tons of scoring and three good options at the 4 spot. I think that for promotional and chemistry reasons Halifax needs to bring back at least one of the two, but it’s pretty clear at this point that KD is going elsewhere.

  14. Brandon: That is pretty much exactly what I was thinking anon2 was getting at.

    On the court I think Halifax could get away without Eric, to be honest. Obviously it’d be a hit, but the team is already stacked at the forward spots. But off the court they need either Eric or KD back. Which of the guys signed is the face of the franchise right now?

  15. Original Comment:
    Hey Joe, money is important but that is not the only consideration with some of these guys. It also is the probability of the team being “champions” and also how much of a mentor the coach is. Halifax is kind of weak in coaching

    My only point with this is that there is more then just money that is a deciding factor for the better players at this level. I have seen it many times before. I do not have insider info that Eric will sign with the Heaves.I was just trying to make a point. I am pretty sure that he will be signing for one of the PBL teams.
    It still is possible that you may get Eric back IMO, but I do not think that it is an absolute. I guess we will all know soon.

  16. The face of the Rainmen franchise for 2007/08 season (Kadiri Richard) will soon become the face of the ……….. PBL franchise. I can’t steal his thunder. You’ll have to wait for his post to know what team it is.

    Good luck Kadiri with your new team. Don’t forget your “Scotion” roots and fans. We still think your the best.

  17. KD is now confirmed to not be returning. His destination should be public soon.
    Still rumours of a big man with “NBA experience” in the mix.

    So KD is the last big question mark. If he isn’t signed by the end of the week I am going to start worrying.

  18. From today’s Metro:

    “Levingston wants to add two shooting guards, a big man and re-sign Eric Crookshank. Fan-favourite Kadiri Richards is also in the mix.”

    But we now know that KD will not be returning. The Rainmen should have snatched this guy up, he is the kind of guy you want on you team, and they could have had him.

    Now just make sure they don’t let the same happen to Eric. Don’t be cheap.

  19. I’d have to assume they’re looking for more of a traditional centre in their other big man. Still – if they’re planning on adding a big then it doesn’t make sense not to have gone after KD.

    I actually have to agree with anon2 – I think there are probably things that aren’t just money motivating Eric. He still thinks he can make the leap to a top flight league if he’s in the right situation and he did not get along with Rick Lewis. That said, with Eric on board and a few key role players the Rainmen have as good a shot as anyone… as long as Lewis doesn’t blow it.

    If they do re-sign Eric then Sanders will need to see significant time at the small forward spot and Jeanty and Silverhorn will both need minutes at the off guard position. This is even more true if the other big added is a legit player. So I hope the 2 shooting guards that Levingston is eying are role players (PLEASE get a lock down perimeter guy! PLEASE) and not more gunners. The team has enough scorers already.

    I am sure that they must be planning on picking up one local guy, and 2/3s are by far the most common players available at any Y.
    So my hope:
    – A bigger lockdown 2-guard (in a perfect world he would be able to hit open threes and give you spot minutes at the point… but the minor leagues aren’t crawling with guys who fit that description)
    – Local guy who is happy on the bench who can play the two. All he needs is a decent handle so he isn’t a turnover machine under pressure.
    – Eric
    – A big man who can do something other than score and is more of a centre than a power forward.

  20. I think the local guy will come out of the camp. I mean they prob have an idea but want to see how he matches up against some of the other talent out there.

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