KD Signs With Wilmington Sea Dogs

Chad Lucas posted it before I did:  KD will be playing in the PBL, just not for the Rainmen.  The Wilmington Sea Dogs who were the second best team in the PBL’s eastern conference last year have signed Kadiri.  It’s close to home and the Sea Dogs are a good organization who are returning lots of players.  I had heard about this earlier in the week but I figured KD deserved to break the news in the way that he saw fit, and he called up Lucas to let him know what was going on.

All my opinions, and those of many other Halifax fans, are to be found throughout this blog so I won’t re-post them.  But I will say that I think that in some ways this situation works out for both KD and the Rainmen.  See why after the the jump.

Wilmington are a good team who are within driving distance of KD’s home town.  They’re a stable franchise who are lacking up front with no centre and two power forwards on their roster.  KD will see lots of minutes and get the chance to be a part of their offense.  He’ll be part of a big man rotation with offensive beast Cedric McGinnis and Brian Leggett who, like KD, had a successful D2 college career.  In Halifax he would have been the 8th or 9th man on a team which already has a crowded front court and is looking to add at least one more quality big man.

Halifax already have a dearth of powerforwards on their roster and are still talking about bringing back Eric Crookshank.  Minutes for quality players in the forward spots are already going to be hard to find, and it may be better for everyone to stop that problem before it becomes a huge issue.

Halifax will miss his love of the city and its basketball fans, his willingness to go above and beyond what is needed when it comes to community involvement and his good cheer and all around sunny disposition.  He was one of the three players that I certainly consider to be the face of last year’s franchise, and one of only two who saw significant court time.  The real challenge now for Halifax is to make sure that Eric gets re-signed asap.
The annoying part of all of this is that Wilmington won’t play in Halifax at all this year.  They also don’t play in Vermont which means we can’t see any Frost Heaves webcast games of them.  It is still somewhat unclear as to what the PBL’s online television plans are for this year, but hopefully we’ll manage to see at least a few Wilmington games on line.  I’ll try to keep on top of how the team and KD are doing and post it regularly, and hopefully KD will let us all know how he’s like life with a new minor league team.

So Halifax’s roster priorities now seem clear:  resign Eric, add a two guard, add a local guy, and shore up the defense.  There are still lots of quality minor league players available.  Rashid Al-Kaleem is still unsigned as far as I can tell, and two players from last year’s Quebec (province) ABA team’s may help shore up the defense.  Charles Fortier who was a CIS star for Laval and who was an ABA all-star for the Kebs last year.  He’s a 6’4, gritty swing man whom I would trust to guard the other team’s best player in the crunch.  The other unsigned “big name” among minor league players is the ridiculous Tommy Mitchell who put up gaudy scoring numbers for the Montreal Royal last year, but is more interesting to me for his defense.  He could be a lock down perimeter guy when he wanted to, and he can also give minutes at PG if one of the two 1s on the Roster go down with an injury.  On the other hand, I just don’t know if there is enough points and touches to go around if he was added to the roster.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


7 thoughts on “KD Signs With Wilmington Sea Dogs

  1. Funny that you mentioned Tommy Mitchell.

    Since Crookshank is likely not coming back, I really want to see Tommy Mitchell on this team. I was actually checking out a few thinsg on him last night. He is that “magical slashing two guard”; he gives us two things that we do not have right now, someone who will penetrate and get to the line, and someone who can potentially lock down the two spot on defence. I would have targeted this guy over almost anyone.

    Plus, this guy really wants to get to the next level.

    Check out his videos:

  2. I have seen Tommy Mitchell play many times and he was an exceptional player in the ABA He will be a very good player in the PBL and he would be a good player if he goes International. Unfortuantely, I do not think that he has the talent exepcted as a guard to make it to the NBA or even the D-League. What would hold him back from the Big Time is his height and his consitency. If you look at Guards that were in ther ABA that were even better him going, it is not the NBA. Anthony Anderson (Millrats), Aaron Cook (Heaves), Melvin Creddle (Heaves). The reality is that there are 600 players from top tier colleges available every year for the NBA to choose from. Tommy will make it to International and make $150-200K /yr plus expenses.

  3. Halifax currently have 3 guys who averaged 17+ ppg last year in Silverhorn, Jeanty and Sanders. If you add Crookshank or Mitchell to that mix you have a lot of guys looking for touches. I almost feel like Mitchell would be a better fit than Crookshank based on who is already signed. He solves two problems: he’s a slasher and he can lock down the best guard on the other team. He also provides a third option at PG if someone goes down and I am worried about having too many forwards on the team. Those videos also make me think that he has the personality to be helpful in the community.

    He probably won’t make the NBA, but I think you’re over estimating the D-League. It is a step below the top European leagues for the most part, and I think that a lot of PBL/CBA guys could slide into the D-League pretty comfortably. There is a huge disparity between the top 10% of the D-League and the bottom 50%. That said, the goal for most guys in the American minor leagues really should be to try to get onto a Euroleague level team, not the NBA.
    But let’s face it – I would love to have him on the Rainmen and I assume you’d (anon2) love to have him on the ‘Heaves.

  4. I wouldn’t count on Crookshank returning anymore.

    Mitchell would be a nice substitute though. Yes, he has to work on his consistency. He played a few weak games against the Heaves, but who didn’t? There were also a few games where it looks like he jacked up a few too many 3’s considering how many he was making. But that’s what happens when your team travels with 6 or 7 guys, you can’t go full speed and you have to settle. All that aside, this guy is a great talent. He played at a D1 school and put up good numbers. He gets to the line, he can handle the ball, he can cut, and when he gets going he can shoot the lights out. This guy is a prolific scorer. He dropped 50 points against Manchester in his last game of the year and had a number of other ridiculous games. I am sure Lewis noticed the guy, because Mitchell dropped 60 points on the Rainmen in our final match up against them. He could fill any major holes that are left in this lineup.

    I want this guy on the team.

  5. Now they have to sign Crookshank. Did the Rainmen actually sign Bailey? Cause if they dont have Bailey, KD or Crookshank then the team is going to have a hard time finding enough quality bigs.

    What local players might make the team? Dip is not good enough and Denny does not seem interested in it. So who is in the area who can play at this level?

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