Crookshank Returns!

Eric will be back in a Rainmen jersey this season

Eric will be back in a Rainmen jersey this season

So this morning The Metro ran a story talking about how Levingston is confident that Eric would be coming back.  Levingston was so confident that this afternon he sent out a press release saying that Crookshank has re-signed.

This is good news.  First it means that I don’t need to use electric tape to add the name “Judas” to the back of my number 20 jersey.  Second, it brings back an established name who is one of the best minor league basketball players out there.  Third, it gives the Rainmen 4 players who averaged 17+ ppg last year (Crookshank, Jeanty, Silverhorn, Sanders) as well as gifted rebounder who plays above the rim.

This is great.

The Rainmen also signed a 6’11 NAIA grad named Jason McGriff who from this day on will be known as “McGriff The Crime Dog”.  (interesting note:  Having the Crime Dog and Silverhorn on the same team means that Halifax has the most NAIA players ever assembled on the professional team)  He’ll battle for time at centre with McNeal which makes this team friggin’ huge.  Two legit centres (in a league where only two teams, Manchester and Quebec, have centres on the roster),  2 all-star calibre power forwards (plus possibly a great role player at PF),  and two small forwards with good size, one of whom can play the 4.  Good god.  At this point I have to assume that Jeanty will see siginificant minutes at guard with Sanders seeing some time at the swing man spot.  This also means that Eric won’t have to play centre, thank god.  I am loving this line up thus far.

Now the question is:  did Halifax actually sign Bailey?  Will they?  The Rainmen have NBA size going on right now.

There are still one to three roster spots open depending on if Bailey is signed and how big a team they want to carry.  Here’s hoping we get a stud 2 guard.  Tommy Mitchell is probably out of the question, but we can dream.
There will be 4 pre-season games at SMU as well.  I would have liked to see a boxing day game at the Metro centre, but I’ll take this.  Get excited Halifax.  Get excited.


9 thoughts on “Crookshank Returns!

  1. Huge news. I doubt Bailey will play with the Rainmen, but I am okay with that. We are loaded at the forward spot.

    More thoughts later…

  2. Halifax doesn’t need a Tommy Mitchell type player now – Jeanty can work it inside and we dont know what that new point can do. They need a defender.

    I am happy Eric is back! He is a star.

  3. I saw his NCAA stats, but I did not hear about this other stuff. It sounds like Crime Dog may be a bit too accurate of a nickname.

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