Halifax Still Confident in Re-Signing Crookshank

So I am up late writing a paper, but it turns out that the Metro puts tomorrow’s paper on line around 2:00am. So they talked to Levingston about Eric and he still seems confident about re-signing him.  He says they’re “working some things out” which I assume means money, but perhaps is other perks (no house living for him, but instead an apartment in the city?  sponsorship money? who knows) are involved.  I would feel more comfortable knowing one way or another if he was going to be on the team.  I also sort of wish that Metro had actually called Eric or his agent to get their side of what is going on, because of course Andre is going to say that he’s confident in how things are going.  But if things were going well then he’d already be signed.  If he isn’t re-signed then I am still confident in the front court, but the team would be lacking an alpha-dog scorer.
Whether they sign Eric or not, I still want Tommy Mitchell on this team. Imagine the inside/outside game that the team would have with the two of them out there.  Not to mention the chance at having Sanders and Silverhorn as third and fourth options with Jeanty as the sixth man.  A guy can dream, can’t he?

Halifax definitely need to put out two press releases this week:

#1 We need to hear about at least one more signing

#2  We need some details on the pre-season games and tickets need to go on sale for the ASAP.


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