Crookshank Told Vermont Take A Hike

There were two articles in today’s daily’s about Eric’s return:

The Metro reports on some of Eric’s other options including the revelation that he was offered a spot on the ABA champion Vermont Frost Heaves.

–  The Herald also ran an article which concentrats a bit more on what the team itself looks like and Eric talking about just how excited he is to be back in Halifax.  And why wouldn’t he be?  Unrivaled media coverage, a small city – but a city none-the-less, passionate fans, and with the current line up, a chance to contend.  Both articles include Eric talking about how he is willing to score less if it means winning more games, and this is the perfect attitude.  The chance to make the jump to the next level for these guys relies on team success – no one cares if you’re a stud on a losing minor league team.

I am really, really excited to have Eric back.  He is perfect as the face of the team, and he really genuinely likes playing in the MetroCentre.  I was watching some of the Rainmen’s highlight videos the other day and I think I just got so used to Eric’s athleticism last year that I forgot that not every minor league hoops team has a guy who plays above the rim like that.  The guy is incredibly gifted, particularly on the offensive glass.  No one has someone who can throwdown put bank dunks like him.  If he get the chance to work on his passing and defensive game this year then other teams are going to be in serious trouble.

In other news:  Andre Levingston told me that David Bailey is, in fact, signed by the team.  What an unbelievable front court.

The team is loaded with talent, and unlike last year, it’s mostly proven talent.  I think Levingston and Lewis have already show improvment whent it comes to knowing how to build a team, here’s hoping that Rick Lewis has some better in-game skills from the bench.  Last year he lacked talent and had to try to make it work, this year he has the just as difficult problem of having too much talent and having to try to make it work.  It’ll be interesting to see if it works.  I honestly can see Halifax winning it all if they add a solid 2 guard and everyone is willing to work as a team.

If the league kicked off today the roster would look like this:

  • C – McGriff the Crime Dog
  • PF – Eric
  • SF – Sanders
  • SG – Jeanty
  • PG – Hammack
  • C2 – McNeal
  • PF2 – Bailey
  • SF2 – Silverhorn
  • PG2 – Twyman

Halifax still need to add a couple of shooting guards, and I’d like to see Jeanty come off the bench due to his versatility, but that team looks good and there is going to be a war for the starting spot at small forwad.

Also: look at that second unit – toss a decent two guard into that line up and I think our second unit this year would beat the starting unit the Rainmen were throwing out on the court in January/February of last year.


13 thoughts on “Crookshank Told Vermont Take A Hike

  1. completely agreed.

    I’m thinking a second team???????

    Just have 2 entries from Halifax.

    the Snowmen?????

    I love the team right now. another 2 guard as well as a local guy would round it out. Eric it is good to have you back and I look forward to coming out and watching some games.

    I think that Lewis will have a better idea on the court. I think he is a smart enough person to realise the mistakes of last year (along with our help in yelling at him) and will have a better plan of attack from the begining of the year. Hopefully we can keep this roster togeather this year so that there are not many mid season changes in personnel. Great job Andre with putting the team togeather. There really was more going on behind the scenes than we ever saw and some big moves were pulled out.

  2. I think the fact that Eric refused the chance to play for the 2-time league champs says a lot about his confidence in the Rainmen front office.

  3. I think we need one more outside shooter, and a guard who can get to the inside. Sign Rashid Al-Kaleem for his lights out shooting, and former AUS star Sherone Edwards for an athletic local guy who gets inside. I would take that lineup against anyone.

    I like Crookshank’s stance, guys are going to have to buy into the team concept. Think about wins first. Fill a role, and don’t be selfish. A bit like the Celtics. This team could be great.

    So what’s everybody’s starting lineup?

    Right now I would go with:

    Center: Crime Dog McGriff – big body banger with D1 skills.
    Power forward: Eric Crookshank – MVP caliber player.
    Small forward: Rob Sanders – all star scorer and rebounder.
    Shooting guard: Brian Silverhorn – legit NBA raqnge shooter.
    Point guard: Kevin Hammack – D1 scorer and experinced presense at the point.

    It’s possible that if we get a quality 2 guard that Sanders and Jeanty might be our first two off the bench. That’s sick.

  4. You need Silverhorn in the line up or else you aren’t starting enough shooters.
    Jeanty is better coming off the bench for energy. BUT i THINK jeanty is better

  5. I think I am starting to second guess Silverhorn’s ability to consistently guard shooting guards. I just had nightmares last night about opposing guards getting easy baskets off lay ups like last year. I think it’ll be interesting to see who comes in as the last two or three players – one will definitely be a bench player who is local, but beyond that we don’t really know.

    Having Silverhorn start means you can bring Jeanty and Bailey off the bench together which means you’re talking about bring some serious high energy into the game whenever you need it.

    I think the possibilities for late game line ups are even more fascinating then the starting line up.

    You could go small with:
    C – Crookshank
    PF – Sanders
    SF – Jeanty
    G – Jimmy (or whoever else)
    G – Hammack

    You could even put Jeanty at PF and bring on a Silverhorn or a third guard. You could put a huge line up out there, too. There are so many options with a good team. But, as anon2 said – coaching remains a question mark.

  6. Other hilarious line up possibilities include:
    A line up to just go out rough the other team up.

    For when we want to go huge.

    Tons of shooters and two very good offensive rebounders. Just launch it up and look for putbacks if it doesn’t go down.

    Given how many quality big men are on the roster now, does it shock anyone else that 3 weeks ago we were looking at the possibility of having Walter Moyse either start at centre or be one of the first bigs off the bench? Good god. I am writing a pretty lengthy season preview and look at what I had down for him in the first draft:

    Walter Moyse
    6’10 Power Forward/Centre
    College: Acadia
    Pro Experience: East Kent Crusaders (English 2nd division), Villars Basket (Swiss B League)
    What He Brings to the Table: He’s surprisingly fast for a guy his size, he loves to dunk and can run in the open floor. He’s a good, but not great rebounder with an okay midrange game. He can also come up with some pretty athletic looking blocks. He has a few years of experience in the European minor leagues and averaged 14/7 last year with Villars. He did not play in very good leagues, but he hasn’t been out of competitive basketball for a long time either.
    What He Needs to Work On: He’ll be expected to play a fair number of minutes at centre and bang with some very physical players under the net. He’s going to need to play tougher than he’s shown in the past and get used to the idea that he won’t have very many plays run through him.
    What His Role Should Be: Placate the people who think Halifax needs to have a white guy from Atlantic Canada who played in the CIS on its roster. Rebound well and defend 6’10+ players on the other team. Score garbage points and run both ways on the fast break.

  7. *Is Crookshank a good player? Yes. Is he as good as HE thinks he is? No where near.*

    That sounds like a jealous Vermont fan. Call the Wahmbulance cuz someone send no to your man crush coach, Beaver Cleaver. You mad?

    Halifax are gonna destroy this year.

    My starting line up is
    Eric Crookshank
    Rob Sanders
    Cordell Jeanty
    Jimmy Twyman or the new guy

    Start small and play exciting and slow it down once you get the lead!

  8. NorthEndBalla needs to calm down.
    TR Waters needs to explain what he means. When did Crookshank ever indicate that he has an ego? He seems fairly humble in most newspaper stories.

    My starting line up:
    C: McNeal or McGriff. I do not know very much about either of them but you need a big man to start
    PF: Crookshank
    SF: Silverhorn
    SG: Jeanty. But the team needs to sign a real shooting guard.
    PG: Hammack if he’s as good as people say he is.

    Sanders as the first sub. If Jeanty, Silverhorn or Crookshank come out you can move players around so that Sanders would be coming in to play either forward spot.

  9. I saw that video while snooping around the internet. Other fun facts:
    – He attended two different JuCos in addition to his two different universities.
    – Was an ACADEMIC all-american at Mountain State after leaving South Alabama for academic reasons, so he turned shit around.
    – Played an NCAA tournament game in 2006 against Florida – he was the only player on Alabama over 6’7 so he ended up having to guard Horford and Noah.
    – He has the same agent as Wilson Chandler.
    – He played one month in Switzerland this year in the first division but was let go in late October. (He was on a one month contract, brought in to be a temporary replacement for their one permitted American player)

  10. Eric Crookshank is my favourite Rainman. He dunks really well and is going to play in the NBA soon. I met him once and he was really nice to me and he has the biggest hands I have ever seen.

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