Halifax Sign Two Shooting Guards

Well it has definitely been a busy week!

The Rainmen signed two shooting guards and inexplicably put the info up on their website sometime after 9:30 tonight.  However, as you’ll see below the timing of the press release is not the most confusing thing about this announcement.

Rodney Mayes was an NCAA Div. II first team All-American at West Virginia Tech, where he averaged 20.5 ppg, and 8.3 rpg over two years.  (The press release said he was an all-american… all I can find is that he was first team all West Virginia Athletic Conference in 2005 and second team All-East Region in 2005.  But I can’t find all-american lists for Div.II anywhere, so absence of evidence is not itself evidence) He’s 6’5 which makes him very big for a minor league two guard.  He took only 51 three point attempts in his two NCAA seasons so it looks like he’s the slasher they were looking for.  You can check out a video of him here. It looks like it was shot with a mid-90s video camera.  There are a whole bunch more here, but I don’t have time to watch them at the moment.  He also played for the Decatur Court Kings in the WBA – one of the sketchier spring leagues.  He was a teammate of Chad Eichelberger and Al Stewart (Millrats).

They added another Toronto player in Jabulah Murray – a 6’3 combo guard played for someone…. I am pressed for time, but the press release says he played for Washburn University in Kansas, a D2 school.  The NCAA records show him playing there in 05/06 but that’s it. I found him listed on an 06/07 roster for The University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma – an NAIA school.  He is also listed as playing for Diablo Valley College in 04/05 before transferring to Washburn.  What is sort of bothersome is that the press release by the Rainmen claims that he averaged 20ppg at Washburn – he did not.  He played 10 games and averaged 12ppg. I think that he went to Eastern Commerce and was actually recruited by St. Bonaventure in D1 in 2001, but failed to become academically qualified.  To make matters even worse/more confusing, I think he spent time at Virginia Commonwealth in the D1 where, for some sort of behaviour/coaching reason he appears to have never actually dressed.  The short version:  he never averaged 20 ppg at Washburn and he has a really, really confusing history.
I have to say – I am more confused with these signings than excited.  But I will have to sit down and watch the videos tomorrow.

Edit:  The Metro’s story has some more info and some comments from Levingston.  Mayes appearently can get his shoulders above the rim and Levingston is sold on his freakish athleticism.  Murray knows Levingston from back in Toronto – he was Anderson’s teammate at Easterm Commerce, and Levingston coached him in high school for a year (Was Levingston at EC? Assistant?).  He seems to admit that he has commitment issues.

I am not sold on these moves.  This is probably the last of the consequential signings and I see tons of talent and a lot of athleticism on the team, but I am not sure how this all fits together. I need to get schoolwork done, but I’ll comment further tomorrow.  I need time to look over the whole thing and figure out what is going on here.  For now I still sort of puzzled.


4 thoughts on “Halifax Sign Two Shooting Guards

  1. If you found all of that information in a rush I would hate to see what you could dig up if you took your time.

    Sounds like Andre Livingston is bringing in a troubled kid he took under his wing years ago. I don’t have any problem with that as long as he doesn’t expect to start.

  2. Mayes isn’t a pure shooting guard. Dude played forward in college. Let’s hope he has the skills to play in the back court.

    I like the team, but I think we could have got better guys to play the two.

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