Some Random Weekend Thoughts

Quick bullet point thoughts:

  • As much as we dissect this the new roster, I think it really is good.  And most of my judgements on the team are based on pretty limited data – see a few games in person, watching some grainy highlights on youtube, extrapolating stats and reading a few articles.  We’ll know more when we actually see the pre-season games, although I may try to weasel my way into a training camp session if I can convince Nancy Sheppard.
  • Andre told me in an e-mail that David Bailey did sign with the Rainmen – but he still is not on the roster on the Rainmen’s website.
  • The new poll on the Rainmen’s website asks which Rainmen people think is most likely to make the all-star team.  With 102 people voting who do you think is winning with 51% of the vote?  I bet you didn’t guess Kevin Hammack, but he is.  He’s beating out Eric, Silverhorn, Jeanty and Sanders. Eric is in second with 22% of the vote.  Who woulda thunk it?
  • With Vitamin Water signed on as a sponsor I really, really hope we get treated to these videos on the jumbotron during time outs:
  • Even though almost every new player added to the team this year is primarily an offensive player I still think the team is going to be an exponentially better defensive team this year for three reasons.  First, the players are just better and more experienced.  Second, the team is insanely athletic some we have lots of guys with the tools to play defense.  And finally, I think the team is tougher, grittier and has a bit of a mean streak to it which was the biggest thing they lacked last year.
  • Teams are starting to get their rosters together and while the pre-season games haven’t gotten into full swing we can start to see how teams are stacking up.  I firmly believe Manchester are the team to beat this year as they have the longest training camp and pre-season schedule, a strong and deep roster with a devastating backcourt and a very good defensive centre, and already have played a great two game stand against the reigning BSN champs.  Obviously it’s too early to know much, but I see them as the real measuring stick against which Halifax will need to stack up.  I can’t wait to see how the pre-season games just after Christmas stack up as we can expect to see at least six teams in action during that period.
  • Speaking of which:  We need some details on the pre-season games.  I know they’re a month away… but they’re only a month away!
  • Other teams to watch are Wilmington who were second in the East in the PBL last year and have a very, very good but somewhat undersized front court and are returning a ton of players, Halifax because we’ve pieced together a lot of volatile talent with an absurd number of gunners, and Vermont who have a legit stud PG in Mario Kinsey and have surrounded him with seasoned veterans – and they still have the minor league X-factor in coach Will Voigt.  Reigning PBL champions Rochester have been surprisingly quiet thus far.  The league looks wide open at the moment but the Atlantic Division is going to be a tough, tough division to win.  I am excited already.

4 thoughts on “Some Random Weekend Thoughts

  1. I hope Bailey is not signed. The Rainmen have Crookshank, Sanders, McGriff, and Jeanty who can all play power forward and all need minutes. From everything you have written it seems like McGriff does everything Bailey does and more.

  2. I just want to know who the pre-season games are against. It better if they are against teams not coming in the regular season if it is just Quebec or something I ain’t going to bother going. I hope it is Wilmington so we can see KD! This team is so much better than last year it is sick. I voted for Crookshank for MVP but I think Rodny Mayes is going to be amazing. Does he have a nickname?

  3. Wilmington and Rochester would be my choices – but at this point I’d just settle for knowing who, what time in the day, etc. I assume that we’ll get some more details this week since they can’t really announce more players, the need to keep the profile up, and training camp opens Tuesday.

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