Wait a second… Halifax just signed SirValiant Brown

I need to go to class but according to the website Halifax signed SirValiant Brown to play in the back court.  Things just got absurd.  He was a legit D1 star who was second in the nation in scoring during his freshmen year where he put up 24.6 ppg for George Washington.  Had he not tried to come out of college 2 years early he would probably have had an NBA career.  This is absurd.  His brother, SirLancelot, will not be joining the team.  No seriously – his brother’s name is SirLancelot and he won’t be playing for the Rainmen.  That’s not a joke.

I am all in shock right now, but I’ll write some shit after class.

edit: Post class thoughts (slightly more coherent) after the jump.SirValiant Brown is an interesting character, and not just because of his name.

He played at George Washington University where he came in as a hyped in some circles, but not well known recruit.  In his freshmen year at the Mid-Major he was involved in a chase for the D1 scoring title when he put up 24.6 ppg and gained some renown. He did this while hitting a third of his shots and making up for it in volume.  In his second year his ppg average fell to 17 ppg and he declared early for the NBA draft – some speculated that he would not have been academically eligible the following year, anyway.   During his magical freshmen season his coach commented that “There is not a shot Val Brown can’t make”… but he didn’t make the NBA. (or 66% of his shots)

He played in the initial year of the D-League for the Roanoke franchise that was as doomed as the original settlement.  He bounced around the BSN, South American leagues and lower level European minors.  Last year he signed with the Butte Daredevils in the CBA where he was cut December 17 – but not before serving a two game suspension for being involved in an on court brawl.  So Vermont better watch out – if they pull any of their crap this year Sanders has got back up.

I don’t know what to think of this – he was a supremely talented scorer seven years ago who has struggled to even stay in the minor leagues.  He definately has the skills, and he provides a big, and cool, name for the Rainmen but how well he performs is really a dice throw.  He could perform great and help the team win the PBL championship, or he could come off the bench and then leave the team.  His college performance was very reliant on his speed and his coach giving him permission to chuck it up.  Eight years later and on a team where shots will be a premium who knows how he’ll do.

I definitely think it’s worth the risk, and it’s an exciting signing that was totally surprising but both Brown and Murray are guys who are extremely talented scorers who have had their careers derailed by other problems.  On the one hand you can say that the odds are that the team will get a good season out of one of them.  On the other hand, you can say that having two guys with bonafide proven problems as well as three guys with potential problems (Sanders addiction to rage-ahol, McGriff’s rumoured relationship problems/academic issues, and McNeal’s acaedmic issues) on the same team is tempting fate.  But the reality is that you don’t get guys who scored 24.6 ppg at the NCAA D1 level unless they have baggage.

For now all we can do is watch his highlight videos and wonder if he’ll pan out .


19 thoughts on “Wait a second… Halifax just signed SirValiant Brown

  1. He looks sick!That guy is a legit star, but what league did he play in the last few years?That Daredevils teams website is just porn now lol He is so good look at how many floaters he hit in that video.140 points a game that is how many Halifax will score I am calling it now.

  2. Based on my count, Halifax will be the 19th team that SirValiant has played on since leaving college. He only played 12 games for Butte where he averaged less than five points a game.

    I think I would rather have had Tommy Mitchell, to be honest.

  3. If this was 2000 I would love this move but he has not done anything since his freshmen and sophomore years in college. Having him here just messes up the rotation: Twyman and Hammack were a perfect back court. He also is not a big enough or good enough defender to guard scoring wing players and is a sub-par 3-point shooter. What need does he fill other than washed up has flash in the pan has been? This move makes the team worse.

  4. I mean it is definatly worth the risk.if he is a blast great. But if he is a dud then we have the depth to back him up and go with someone else.

    And I am predicting 200 points per game and we will win 200-140

  5. The last thing the Rainmen need is a bunch of Devino Williams or Blandon Ferguson types: never-was or never-will-be players who have an inflated sense of self and tremendous baggage but not the skills that they think they have.

    Remember: there is a reason that stores have clearance sales (because no one else wants the stuff they have).

  6. I think the difference here is that Devino Williams had to talent at all to back it up. It is still yet to be determined with the knight over here and I hope he can prove to use he can play with other good players and not be a head case. I think that if he is at all Andre will get rib of him or the veterans on the team will ask him to leave. They will not put up with that stuff again and certainly not when they have the caliber of team as they do this year.

    Phil I still agree with you that he seems like a Devino Williams but I hope not and the fact that he has that D1 experience and has scored that at the high level maybe an indicator and I hope it is. We really need to see how things turn out.

  7. I am really not sure how this team is going to work out. It’s either going to be really good or really bad. At least it’s fairly easy to retool the team if these guys blow up like the Knicks.

    Chris, you should really try to get in on that training camp. It would be cool as hell for the blog, and it would be a progressive move by the Rainmen. Why wouldn’t they want to drum up some interest through the blog?

  8. As far as I can tell, SirVal hasn’t averaged double digits points or last more than 3 months with the same team since leaving college. He’s also 28 – honestly, I think that when you turn 28 people need to stop using the word “upside” to describe you. I have doubts about his ability to make it through training camp.

    I’d love to get into training camp to watch for a day but I doubt it’ll happen for two reasons. #1 I should probably actually write essays and get a chapter of my thesis written. #2 Even if I decided to shirk my academic responsibilities, which if given the chance I would, I don’t know if the Rainmen would ever agree to it. Andre has seemed super keen to do similar things and we had talked about doing some question and answer features where I’d take reader e-mails and ask him the best ones and then post his answers, and he seemed super into it. But alas, the PR folks put the kibosh on that. I also asked Nancy Sheppard to be added to the media list to get press releases e-mailed to me but was told that it wasn’t possible.

    Basically the Rainmen PR folks feel that they need to give priority to print media. And I totally get it. I doubt the reporters who cover the Rainmen would care, but their editors might now be pleased if I had the same level of access and had info at the exact same time as their reporters, and the Rainmen don’t want to piss them off since each daily probably has about one hundred times as many daily readers as me.

    That said, I can do things that the Herald and Metro can’t. The first is that I can write longer, more opinionated pieces. I regularly churn out 2000 words on one topic – something that the newspaper writers can’t do. The second thing is that I generate more comments and feedback from fans than the papers do. At the same time I think that the vitrol and off the cuff nature of my posts and peoples comments aren’t always exactly what Nancy Sheppard wants floating around there. Nor are the many rumours (some of which were true) I post really all that helpful to the goal of PR staff which is to control the flow of information about the team.

    But whatever, it’s their call. They have a PR strategy and I don’t think it involves things like fan blogs. I don’t have the time or energy at the moment to push the issue, but I think it’d be tons of a fun and good for everyone if I could get in there for an afternoon to see how the team works.

  9. What I am glad to know though with regards to fans opinons is that the managment team does read this. I think it is a valuable resource for them to get good insight into what the fans are thinking even if they do not agree. They will get your thoughts and gripes with the team and may even take them to heart and if even one sticks it is valuable for both parties.

  10. Don’t get me wrong – I think the team does a really, really good job dealing with fans, and me in particular. Andre always answers e-mails I send him and is friendly. I’ve had very little direct dealings with Nancy Sheppard but she’s never been unfriendly or hostile to me.

    I just get how frustrating random know-nothings with a wordpress account can be when you’re trying to do public relations. When I was more involved in activism I spent half my time doing media and public relations and keeping things in your control as much as possible is your ultimate goal.

    I really have nothing but positive things to say about Andre and Nancy Sheppard. Since he became the public face and she became the PR person things have gotten exponentially better when it comes to getting positive earned media.

  11. Hmmm…

    I think this is a quote that sums up what I want to say:

    Blogs are not your enemies. Blogs like this one generate conversation and interest in your team, regardless of the tone and content of the blogs. Sports fans that read and contribute to blogs and message boards do so because they want more than the party lines they’ll get at your official websites. If you can develop thicker skin and recognize the value blogs bring to the fan experience and to your business as a whole, you will increase fan loyalty and therefore generate more revenue from those fans.

    Read the rest of this at: http://raptorblog.com/081018-081028.php

    I do understand, somewhat, where Nancy Sheppard is coming from. That being said, Andre’s ideas about the Q&A session are progressive and certainly wouldn’t hurt the Rainmen in anyway. Cater to your fans. They are what your organization is built on. You run the #1 fan site about the team, and you are where the most dedicated fans turn to. There are NBA blogs out there, right now, that are granted Q&A sessions with their team’s personnel. I am not saying any random dude with a blog should be granted access, but when you run the #1 fan site, they should try to embrace it. The Rainmen should be grateful for this blog and fans like you who support the team.

  12. I think they plan on trying to do more interactive type things on their website – including Q&As and maybe live chats, which I think are great ideas. It makes sense to try to improve the content of the official website – I just wish it would happen faster, and I don’t think it excludes some of the stuff I’d like to do.

    Once I figure out my schedule for school stuff I may ask about getting access to training camp. Who knows what they’d say?

  13. There are only ten home games which means that fans need to follow things like players brought into training camp, what other teams are doing, rumors, and other off court transactions and events. The real media are not going to cover that in detail and Halifax should bend over backwards for you. The Rainmen are lucky to have such an active fan blog. No other teams have as active of an internet fan base as the Rainmen. I want you to watch some practices since all the fans can’t.

  14. I would rather read what people have to say on this blog than the official version on the website. Real NBA teams have blogs wrote by fans so the rainmen should be excited that you write this thing. And can Chad Lucas actually have the time to break down every single player at a practice?

  15. What would be best on this blog is if anyone could post a subject, instead of just have the limitation of commenting on subjects posted by one person. Many other fans sites are such that anyone can post a new subkect or discussion line.

  16. That wouldn’t make it a “blog” anymore would it?

    As I’ve told you before – I like the current situation, if it isn’t broken, why fix it? I have no desire to change the URL which people already know and link to. There also isn’t free message board software with free hosting which is as easy to use or as powerful as WordPress’ blogging platform. I also have no desire to moderate a message board. The current arrangement also keeps conversation somewhat focused, and if someone mentions new material or something off topic I usually start a new post. People are also more willing to provide me with anonymous information – plus I actually try to verify rumours to the best of my ability. As a result, people actually trust most of the info on here.

    As for people commenting, the only other PBL team with a fan run site is the Frost Heaves – and this blog under in its current situation gets more daily comments than the ‘Heaves board.

    Also – the main issue people are talking about in this post is the question of whether or not it’d be cool and informative to have commentary from inside of training camp. If this was just a message board that wouldn’t even be a remote possibility.

  17. I also just want to make this clear:
    I have been treated very well by the Rainmen and the staff. Andre always answers my e-mails and has even invited me to the Rainmen office to discuss marketing the team to fans. I am not trying to portray them as having a hate on for blogs or non-traditional media. I just think they’re trying to make sure that MSM reporters get their fair shake and that the official Rainmen site has some unique content.

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