Details of Pre-Season Games Announced – Chicago and Augusta are Coming to Town

The Rainmen announced the details on the four pre-season games today.  They’ll rotate games against two opponents – Augusta and Chicago.  They’re two pretty solidly middle of the pack teams who Halifax don’t play during the regular season.  It should be a good warm up.

Friday December 26th 2pm Augusta Groove vs. Halifax Rainmen

Saturday December 27th 7pm Chicago Throwbacks vs. Halifax Rainmen

Sunday December 28th 2pm Augusta Groove vs. Halifax Rainmen

Monday December 29th 7pm Chicago Throwbacks vs. Halifax Rainmen

The games are $5 each.  I can’t help but feel that Halifax missed out on an opportunity to bill this as a tournament rather than just exhibition games.  It also would have been cool to play one of the games in Preston or another suburban area.  I am excited for these none-the less.


7 thoughts on “Details of Pre-Season Games Announced – Chicago and Augusta are Coming to Town

  1. Definitely dropped the ball on not making this a mini tournament. At least they are playing at SMU, so it doesn’t really matter.

    Also, if we are paying to fly these two teams up, why didn’t we bring two better teams to warm up against? Wilmington would have cost about the same as the Groove to bring up. And Chicago is my pick to finish last in the PBL this year.

  2. That central division is full of terrible teams, I think I have Mid-Michigan and Battle Creek penciled in a the last place teams with Chicago in 3rd. I think it’s possible that not a single team in that division will win a game outside of their division all year.

    Augusta are not a great team. They have a homeless man’s Jason Williams in Randy Gill but are pretty middle of the pack. Chicago are bottom of the middle of the pack.

    I would have liked to see Rochester or Wilmington plus a middle of the pack team. That said – with 4 games in four days I think we can expect fatigue to even out the odds by the third and fourth game.

  3. I dont know maybe at the guard positions but with the amount of big men we could put out rested people on a consistant basis…… But I would die with 4 games in 4 days. I died with 1 game in 7 days

  4. $5 is a good price. It should allow people to come out and check out the on court product without a high cost. But even if they averaged 500 people a game do you think that they would break even on flights and hotels for the visiting team?

    The boxing day game should be in the MetroCentre. I am just excited to see new teams play. But it would have been cool to see KD back.

  5. I agree that Chicago and Augusta challenges will be like falling off a log for Halifax. It would have been good for Halifax to come to the preseason games hosted by the Heaves. The other two Canadian teams are part of this. Halifax would of had good preseason action and their work cut out for them playing against The Heaves and the Millrats.

  6. Heaves signed a couplke of solid players yesterday

    South Burlington, VT – The Vermont Frost Heaves have added 3 more players to their upcoming 2008/2009 roster. Chris Cayole, Regis Koundjia and Greg Plummer have all signed and will report on Monday to the opening of training camp.

    Chris Cayole, former St. Michaels starter returns for his second season with the Frost Heaves. Chris won the slam-dunk competition last year in Barre and wowed the crowds with his acrobatic play all season long. At St. Michael’s College Chris started all 29 games as a senior, averaging 13.8 points and 6.0 rebounds per game, while blocking 42 shots. “Chris has really shown a lot of improvement this summer. I have been really impressed with his development, and believe that with continued hard work, he could become a very good pro player. I am counting on Chris to play a much bigger role for us this season” said Head Coach Will Voigt.

    Regis Koundjia starred for the George Washington University Colonials and graduated in 2007. He hails from the Central African Republic, and Regis has played with his national team in the FIBA Africa Championship in 2005 and 2007. Regis comes in at 6’8”, 218 pounds and is long and quick around the basket. Coach Voigt had this to say about Regis: “Regis was on my radar after playing on the San Antonio Spur’s summer league team. He also came highly recommended to us by Coach Hobbs at George Washington, and by former Frost Heave player Dokun Akingbade. He really impressed me with his length and athleticism. He is a great defender and a very good passer who will be counted on to fill many rolls for us.” Stated Coach Voigt.

    Greg Plummer played last summer for the Frayles de Guasave Mexico-CIBACOPA where as a starter he played 10 games averaging 19.5ppg, 4.3rpg, 4.0apg, and averaged 65.4% from two point range and averaged 46.3% from three point range.. Coach Voigt on Greg: “I saw Greg at a camp in Toronto and was impressed with how much he had improved since I had coached him in the All-Star game 2 years ago. Clearly he had been working on his game, which showed me that he would fit in perfectly with our team culture.” Greg was recently drafted by the Sioux Falls Skyforce of the NBA D-League and comes to the Frost Heaves fresh off his most recent tryout.

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