Just How Interesting of a Character is SirVal?

SirVal kicking Butte

SirVal is Never in a Boring Situation

The short answer: Very.  The long answer is after the jump.

  • Has played for at least 18 competitive professional and semi-professional teams since leaving GW.  See an incomplete list at the bottom of this post.
  • Despite having a first name that sounds like a nickname, Val also dubbed “SirShootsAlot” by GW fans.  he took 668 shots in 30 games as a freshman.  An unblievable average of 22.3 shots per game.  For comparison’s sake, Kevin Durant took 18.5 shots per game in his 2006-2007 NCAA freshmen season.
  • His last season in the American minors was in 07-08 where he temparily backed up former Frost Heave Aaron Cook on the Butte Daredevils in the CBA.  He was cut after 12 games, but not before averaging 4.8 ppg and being suspended for two games by the league for starting a bench clearing brawl.
  • Has the letters N, B, and A tattooed on his right bicep.
  • Was punched in the groin in a game against St. Johns. The lack of a foul and obvious nature of the crotch-punching garnered a fair bit of media attention.
  • Also while in college he was on the GW team that got in a fight with Tennessee after the game in the hospitality sweet in Honolulu.
  • Speaking of fighting in college – in December of 1999 his posse got in a fight with the posse of a teammate at an after game party on campus.  There were rumours that it resulted in gunshots.

Very Incomplete List of Val Brown’s Professional teams, 2001-2008
Butte Daredevils
Rockford Lightning
Quad City Riverhawks (later of the PBL)
Montreal Matrix
Strong Island Sound
Vegas Venom
Carolina Gigantes
Brujos de Guayama
Atleticos de San German
Florida Sea Dragons
Pennsylvania Valley Dawgs
KAE Irakilo
Club Trouville
Dominican Republic:
Druid City Dragons

No one is certain how successful, or long, his tenure with the Rainmen will be but we can be damn sure it won’t be boring.  Who else is excited for the Val Brown era?


11 thoughts on “Just How Interesting of a Character is SirVal?

  1. Great post.

    He was also reportedly signed by the team formely known as the Quebec Kebekwa, but did not play due to passport issues.

  2. Oh my god. This is going to be a train wreck. Now you need to get into training camp just to see if he fights a teammate. Or You!

    I know he told Andre Levingston that he was committed to being unselfish and playing defense and passing and playing a team game but I am sure he told his last 18 coaches that too. And they all cut him. What was wrong with Tommy Mitchell?

  3. Joe – you’re right, I missed those. My original list excluded teams that 100% I knew he didn’t suit up for – he claimed passport issues in both cases. Which makes me wonder if he’ll ever even arrive here.

    I really want to believe that he is a miracle signing who will turn it around this season, but I simply can’t bring myself to buy into it. He’s worn out his welcome within months with almost every team he’s played on. Why should we believe he’ll turn it around now? As Brandon said – every single team he’s played for thought he’d leave the baggage at home. You don’t play on 20 teams in eight years if you’re not a headcase.

    Also: is anyone else seeing a huge problem with this “the Rainmen will become known as a place for players to develop and jump to the next level” plan? I think it’s a great plan, particularly for the organization’s D-League aspirations, but it only works if you have a Will Voigt or Jean Paul Afif behind the bench. Do we honestly believe that Rick Lewis is the guy to launch guys to the next level? And for that matter, does anyone think he’s the guy to deal with the headcases that populate this year’s roster?

    So far we have a guy who has started multiple brawls, had his entourage get in a gun fight with a teammates entourage in college, and has played on 20 teams in eight years; a guy who signed with five different colleges and has a publicly known problem with pot; a guy who was released from his last minor league team after he was involved in a brawl; and a guy who people suspect transferred schools because of a potentially abusive relationship with his girlfriend. Was Isiah Thomas not available to take over coaching duties?

    Again: I cannot wait for the season to kick off. This is going to be surreal.

  4. I know that everyone thinks this guy will liven things up but he will just be a distraction. Between him and Rob Sanders you will have the bad attitude twins. Halifax will be the Millrats of 2009. Good luck with that. Maybe he and Rob will blow up early and you can get a couple of replacement players. I am also very surprized that Andre is really choosing to stay with Rick Lewis as the coach.

    The Halifax line-up has a lot of potential but need the direction of a good coach.

  5. Anon2: of course we’d prefer to just win without having a headcase on the team, but he’s here (or likely will be) at least until training camp is over, so I am willing to put a positive spin on this if only for comedy’s sake. Eugene Ionesco put it best: we laugh so as not to cry.

    I also see absolutely no problem with Sanders. He is emotional and plays tough. I would rather have that than a bunch of guys who just don’t care (i.e. last year’s Rainmen) or some robots.

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