Rainmen Organize Meet and Greet for Season Ticket Holders

A few days ago I made a post that generated a fair bit of discussion about the value of season tickets.  My basic argument, and one that there was more or less consensus about from the various commentors, was that the Rainmen need to provide more special events/perks for season ticket holders in order to make them more valuable.  Low cost events like meet and greets and open practices were my main suggestion and today I, as well as all the other season ticket holders, got an e-mail from Jad.  Next Sunday there will be a season ticket holders only meet and greet with the players.  Good start!  I am excited, but we’ll see how people have taken my rather outspoken criticism.

Who else is going and at what time are you heading there?  I’d prefer not go later if everyone else is showing up early or vice versa.


3 thoughts on “Rainmen Organize Meet and Greet for Season Ticket Holders

  1. That’s cool and would be really fun but its not cool enough for me to spend the money on season tickets. Let us know how it goes and which players are still around on sunday.

  2. I work and the tickets are not under my email, so I am not sure what time it is/or if I can make it.

    They need to keep holding events and doing things like this for season ticket holders, that way they can market as a part of the package. That would increase sales numbers as well.

  3. If there were three events total or some free tickets or something I would consider getting season tickets. I wonder who will be on the team by Sunday?

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