SirVal is Making Me Want to Believe

Today’s Metro has an article on SirVal’s first day of training camp and the interview makes him seem genuinely nice, introspective, willing to change his approach, and almost tragic.  He seems to recognize how much he’s messed up in the past and that no one but himself is to blame for his career getting off track, and he sounds like a hard worker.  That said – I am sure he said this in his last 16 to 19 stops (depends on who you ask) and I’ve heard it said that he’s the sweetest guy in the world off the court, but once he gets in a game he turns into a total nut.  But for now I am willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt and hope that he turns into a start for the Rainmen.

Val’s signing was the first wrench in the back court rotation, but the loss of Murray further complicates things.  Right now the Rainmen have three poing guards in Brown, Hammack, Twyman and just one shooting guard in Mayes – and he’s really a small forward that they hope to convert to two guard.  They have two local two guards in camp in 6’1 Derico Wigginton-Downey and 6’3 Demar Parsons, but both are too raw to see any serious minutes if they did make the team.  Fortunately, all three PGs played minutes at the off guard spot in college so they could make the transition and we could see Hammack or Jimmy lining up in the back court with Val.  Unfortunately all three of them are 6’1 – so this will be highly reliant on getting the right match ups.  It really looks like Halifax need to bring in one more guard from out of town unless they think they can groom Parsons to be a defensive stopper.  I think Rashid Al-Kaleem is still available and I still have dreams about Tommy Mitchell.  Sherone Edwards would be better than any of the two other guys with PEI connections the Rainmen have looked at. Any of those guys would be a starter for the Rainmen.


3 thoughts on “SirVal is Making Me Want to Believe

  1. I think that Mcgriff must have made the right choice for his family and I wish him all the best. We do need a 2 guard still and I mean silverhorn could put sometime in there and spread the floor but I am not sure about his defence. I hope he worked hard on it in the off season because 2 guards are fast as hell.

  2. Guards are easy to find but no mcgriff means they only have one center they go from having lots of size to not enuff.I hope Crookshank does not play centre again this year!

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