Training Camp

I had to go to school to pick up some stuff for (one of) my job(s) so I popped into the gym and caught the last ten or twleve minutes of the Rainmen’s scrimmage.

Some thoughts:

  • It was the last ten minutes of the second practice of the day, so obviously I can’t draw too many conclusions.  People looked exhausted and there was definitely some ankles being iced.  The slightly too small court at King’s compounds that fact.  Guys were tired and sore so a lot weren’t on the court when I came in.
  • Crookshank is in town and was practicing.  He recognized me and we shook hands and said hi.
  • It looked pretty unstructured… but it’s also day two so I assume they haven’t even started putting the offense in yet.
  • Twyman looked the best of anyone on the floor while I was there.
  • Tremel Beals was working super hard but is absolutely tiny.
  • Nathan Clark looked surprisingly good.  He’s an outside shooter and scored 3 of 4 three point attempts while I was there.  He got ruined by Crookshank in the post on one play and didn’t look like a great rebounder, though.  He’s a homeless man’s Silverhorn.  I still don’t think he’s good enough to make the team but he looked really good.
  • Hammack, Bailey and SirVal all looked good, too.

Obviously I can’t draw too many conclusions from such a brief watching but if there is one thing that was very clear it’s this:  it’s still only the second day of training camp and it shows.


8 thoughts on “Training Camp

  1. You crashed training camp? You are hardcore about this thing! Sounds like they’re just feeling each other out and getting used to playing with each other which is what one would expect at this point. Was Sanders playing? What about McNeal? How did they look?

    I am surprised that Clark looked good. He was not very good in university. I don’t know if they need another 6’6 white guy who can hit jump shots, though.

  2. That is very cool that Crookshank recognized you and came over to say hi. It would be neat if you could see more of the practices if you have time, so we can get a more clear idea of how the team is shaping up.

  3. HuskiesAUS, you tell me how you can judge a player on his first year out of high school? He’s obviously not going to be amazing his first year considering its a completely different playing environment, and the fact that he was not given nearly enough playing time, also didn’t help any. The games he actually got a few minutes he did do good and you can’t say he didn’t.
    But then again, you’re probablly just saying this because you were likely one of the 20 some cut.


  4. Yo! I just found this blog and it is crazy! I saw a few games last year and I am really excited for this season. I cant believe I didnt find this earlier but you have a lot of good info on here. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  5. I saw most of the scrimmage yesterday (as the Rainmen were stealing my court time) and I agree with most of what you said. Just to add a couple of my own points: Silverhorn looked AMAZING, I don’t think he missed a single jump shot. The guys seemed REALLY tired at the end, like we were watching a game against Boston or something. Nathan Clark payed so much like Silverhorn that he could’ve been his double…he shot really well, but didn’t have any of the skills to defend the bigs guys underneath. How tall is Tremel Beals? He looked like a little kid there, though he was unbelievably fast, he even blinks fast.

    Also, after practice we were setting up to play badminton and Crookshanks asked to hit around with us. I think it’s great that he’s such an outgoing presence for the team, and how involved he is in the community (though he should probably stick to his day job, badminton didn’t seem to be his strength)

    Given that my screen name is “HuskiesAUS” do you really think that I was one of the players who tried out and got cut by UPEI in 2005? Trust me I am a bit too old to have tried out at the same team as Clark.

    I never suggested that Clark was a bad player, but the level of athletes that the Rainmen have brought in this year really makes it hard to believe that a guy who could not earn minutes at UPEI and then spent a few years in the ACAA circuit is going to be able to crack the team. From what Chris is reporting it looks like he did the unlikely and is playing pretty well. That is surprising but I am happy for him.

  7. “HuskiesAUS”
    Where are you getting this information about Clark?
    A few years in the ACAA? Nathan played 1 exhibition game in the ACAA.

    As for minutes at UPEI, keep in mind that he was playing under a coach that turned down Ryan Keliher when he tried out at UPEI.
    I think under someone like Davies, Nathan would have seen alot more time on the court.

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