Halifax to Play Pre-Season Game in Quebec?

Thanks to Joe for finding this.  If they are in fact traveling to Quebec it gives them five pre-season games, with Quebec as their toughest opponent.


14 thoughts on “Halifax to Play Pre-Season Game in Quebec?

  1. Where did you hear this from? Why did he leave camp if he was offered a contract?

    Did we get confirmation from someone that he was actually offered a contract? I can’t imagine they’d offer him a contract after just a few days, particularly based on how he looked when I was watching.

    I ran into the team today at King’s and talked to Eric for a bit, I did not see Clark get out of the van or go into the gym.

  2. I just found the Rainmen press release: http://www.oursportscentral.com/services/releases/?id=3748252

    They seemed surprisingly high on him, but to be honest – I think he made the right decision. He is better off working on his game for a year and finding a CIS program that is a good fit for him. If, after he’s done in the CIS, he still wants to give minor league hoops a shot then he’ll be a better player.

    I am surprised he was offered a contract – and that the Rainmen said that he was. He was a small forward and the Rainmen are not lacking at that position.

    Two more players are going to be signed. From what I saw they need a two guard who is a legit 6’4 or taller who can shoot the deep ball and a 6’9 or taller big man who can play centre.

  3. Maybe the Rainmen management just don’t understand what a good basketball player is?

    Perhaps they should have chris902 and HuskiesAUS do their recruiting for them?

    Obviously the Rainmen staff lack the insight and knowledge of the game that these 2 offer.

    Or could it be that chris902 and HuskiesAUS don’t know squat?
    Now I’m confused!!

  4. With all due respect: shut the fuck up.

    This is just fans talking about the team they like watching. It’s the off season and the internet, people will speculate and make judgment calls they are in no way qualified to make. Of course I don’t know as much about basketball as Rick Lewis – I am a history student who hasn’t played in an organized league since I was in grade 9. But I know the league and the team pretty well, and I’ve seen a good chunk of the roster play either live or on video and I have seen a few scrimmages in training camp. I haven’t said anything overtly negative about Clark – I said he looked surprisingly good but still wasn’t quite capable of hanging with a bunch of guys who are D1 players, JuCo and D2 stand outs and seasoned minor league pros. That is not the worst thing I can say about a player, nor is it even close to being the worst thing I have said about a player.

    Your boy just isn’t good enough to cut it at this level. He would have rode the pine as the token white atlantic Canadian player/mascot and he was smart enough to decide to go work on his game in college. He was not going to drop 20 points on Vermont – he was going to be the Rainmen’s Brian Scalbrine.

    The only good thing about his leaving training camp is that you won’t come on here and get super defensive whenever anyone says anything about him.

  5. PanthersFan: I’m not sure you know what the phrase “with all due respect means. I also am not sure what your problem is more generally. I have not said anything mean spirited or particularly critical of Clark. You also have not provided a single basketball argument about why my assessment of Clark is wrong. I have made it clear that I don’t think he would help on the team because (a) he’s a small forward on a team with three talented natural 3s and a powerforward who will see some time at that position (b) he does not fill the big need for the Rainmen right now at the wings spots which is a defender (c) He can’t competing inside for rebounds with guys like Jeanty and Sanders, or even Silverhorn (d) I just do not think that he’s a great all around basketball player. You only seem to argue with my last claim – which is totally fine because it’s certainly the most subjective.

    So here’s my question: What need(s) does Clark fit on the Rainmen roster? Whose minutes do you cut to get him on the floor? Which opponents does he create match up problems for that you don’t get out of a combination of Mayes, Silverhorn, Jeanty, and Sanders?

    You maintain that I am wrong, but why do you think you’re right?

  6. I like the way the Kebs have emphasized the Lake Champlain Cup series on their calendar. As soccer fans know, having a “cup series” played along with the regular season games creates more rivalries between teams and excitment for the fans.

    Maybe we could start a “Former ABA Team” cup series, the F.A.T. Cup, if you will.

    Let’s keep track of it, at least informally, and we can see which of the teams that left the ABA last year wins. The winner gets a commemorative Joe Newman dartboard. OK, maybe the dartboard is too much, but we fans need something to make this 10 home game season more thrilling.

  7. I don’t agree with everything Chris writes but I think you are getting him confused with Huskies AUS. Chris seems to have been fair with his criticisms and predictions, just because you went to school with Clark does not mean anyone criticizing him is an idiot. Like Chris said if you disagree with him then tell him why he is wrong and explain why Clark would be a contributor to the team. I get the feeling you can’t do that because you don’t know the Rainmen, their players or the minor league basketball world as well as Chris does.

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