Training Camp Update II

I dropped by the training camp again today and watched about 20 minutes of the scrimmage.  The new guys must be wondering who the Asian dude creeping on them is.

The local four guards in camp were cut and dark horse Nathan Clark is still there. The practice was more formal than yesterdays with all the players in full practice gear (matching shorts, reversable jerseys) and Rick Lewis stopping play to make suggestions.  They still don’t have an offense or zone defense in place since it is only day 3.  The two teams scrimmaging were:

  • Crookshank/Sanders
  • Clark/Bailey
  • Silverhorn/Jeanty
  • Mayes/Hammack
  • Twyman/Brown

McNeal was icing on the sidelines.

Some other thoughts:

  • Sanders and Eric were battling each other hard the whole time I was there.  This will be a tough front line.
  • Silverhorn was not just relying on his jump shot and showed a lot of new ways to score that we didn’t see last year.
  • All 4 guards looks phenomenal.  Hammack can definitely play shooting guard.  That is probably why most of the locals guys got sent home.
  • Clark finally looked out of place, out muscled and just out gunned today. He has done well to get this far but I can’t imagine him making it, but he has surprised everyone thus far.
  • This team has a lot of very powerful players who are going to push people around in the key.

7 thoughts on “Training Camp Update II

  1. (Halifax, N.S.) The Halifax Rainmen made their first round of cuts today, releasing 4 players from their active roster.

    Tremel Beals, Mark Ross, Demar Parsons and Derico Wiggington-Downy have been waived by the team. The Rainmen have invited PEI native Nathan Clark to remain with the team to finish out training camp.

    “Skills being taught at training camp are advancing by the hour,” said head coach Rick Lewis. “It’s tough for them but they have all found their game improving.”

    Training camp goes through until Saturday, December 6 although Coach Lewis is committing to 2 practices each day until the December 12th.

  2. Man, I am pumped up about this year.

    I am interested about the guards. Can Mayes play as a legit 2? What kind of player is Hammack? Does Val look like a hog or could he be a star?

  3. Watching the team this afternoon made me really excited for the coming year.
    Mayes doesn’t look like a great jump shooter, but he is big and seems to have a pretty good handle. You can’t really tell how he’s going to play.
    Twyman was the best player on the court while I was watching.
    Hammack is a thicker guy than I expected, but he is quick and was willing to both drive and mix it up looking for rebounds. He has a good handle and looked good in the open court.
    SirVal looked really good. He was taking it hard to the basket but also looking to drive and dish.
    One bonus note I just thought of: McNeal is big (huge even) but does not look -fat-, which was a bit of a fear based on his differing posted weights.

    The best part to me was that none of the guards were settling for contested jump shots and were all looking to drive. Obviously some scrimmages without substitutions, in the third practice, in a too small gym, after a day of fitness training is not a perfect indicator. I probably will wait until Monday to go lurking again.

  4. From “the Metro” today – what a great quote:

    ‘Crookshank rolled into town with Air Canada tattooed on his forearms, one word on each arm. He’s actually from Oakland, Calif., but took on the nickname à la Vince Carter on the And1 Mixed Tape tour in the summer.

    “It’s a good name,” Crookshank said. “I fly a lot, and when I go up, I take passengers with me.” ‘

  5. When Brian Silverhorn drove to the basket last year, he did well, maybe because he used it as a rare weapon. He has the size to get to the hoop so I am glad to hear that he was using it at camp. Here’s hoping it is a regular part of his arsenal this season.

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