Clark Leaves Rainmen Camp

The Rainmen put out a press release announcing that Nathan Clark has left the team today even though they were planning on offering him a contract.  The press release does not feature a quote from him, but Levingston indicates that his decision seemed to be based on his wanting to go back to school and play AUS ball where he felt that he’d have the best chance to improve his game – Parsons, Wigginton-Downey and Beals should take a similar route.

Clarks entire involvement with the Rainmen has been surprising: despite not having a prominent role at UPEI in his one year there (which may have been the result of personality conflicts as much as anything else) and maybe playing at Holland College in the ACAA (it’s kind of unclear) he really surprised a lot of people playing well enough to not look totally out of place in the scrimmages I saw.  It was also surprising that he was offered a contract since he played well but still did not look like he would have been a contributor to a Halifax team which is stacked with potential swing men.  What I thought was most surprising was the timing of the whole thing – you would think that Halifax would not even consider offering him a contract until they saw more from him, and I would assume he would have wanted to stay and at least finish out the camp before making a decision.  On the other hand, if he was taking time off work then it makes sense for him to let the Rainmen know as soon as he made up his mind so he could get back to his day job.  He also looked like he was not having a lot of fun towards the end of the second day – two a days and the Rick Lewis fitness program will do that.  The major downside is that there are only nine healthy players in camp right now.

I really wish Clark the best.  He surprised everyone and impressed the Rainmen management.  I hope he finds himself with a top flight CIS program where he can work on his game, and I am sure we’ll hear about him again around this time next year.

The release also says that the Rainmen are looking for two more playersto fill out the roster. From what I saw they need a two guard who is a legit 6′4 or taller who can defend and shoot the deep ball and a 6′9 or taller big man who can play centre.  I am not so concerned about the back court because the four guys they have now, plus Jeanty are looking fantastic, but there’s only one legit centre on the roster right now and he hasn’t scrimmaged yet.


9 thoughts on “Clark Leaves Rainmen Camp

  1. What you just posted was the 1,000th comment on this blog.

    From now on I will never watch a player decide to take a poor shot, or mishandled a rebound and say “hmm.. he probably should not have done that.” Since critisizing or even discussing people’s basketball decisions can only be done if you exceed their talent level and experience.

  2. Nathan Clark doesn’t take bad shots.

    Also, I heard the Rainmen stopped tracking rebounds this year because Nathan Clark grabbed them all.

  3. Okay, enough of that.

    Seriously now, wouldn’t Jon Clark fit in well as another center for us? Guy is a good role player and does the dirty work. He also doesn’t seem to mind sitting on the bench every now and then.

  4. I liked jon Clark too but I think he is in europe somewhere at least that is where he told me personally last year after the season. His girlfriend was going to Dalhousie and he was there to be with her. I am not sure if she is done school.

  5. I heard that when Nathan Clark does pushups, he doesn’t lift himself up, he pushes the earth down.

    Also, his tears cure cancer.

    On a more serious note, I agree with Joe that Jon Clark would be a good fit for the Rainmen.

  6. It took me a second there to figure out which Clark we were discussing.

    My man-love of Jon Clark during his five game stint with Halifax is well documented and I earlier today I was thinking that he’d work out well. But he is playing with RS Stahnsdorf in the German second division this season. On an unrelated trivia note: he has the same agent as Eric.

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