Rainmen Add Another “Guard”

The Halifax Rainmen have signed Glen Dandridge to the team.  (as a side note:  Nancy Sheppard must have the day off, because that press release is really poorly written – the name of a tournament is wrong, there are grammar errors… it’s a bit of a mess)

I’ll post some thoughts and what-not later.  But for now you can watch his YouTube highlights which are set to a song by one of my all time favourite rappers.
Dandridge is 6’6 and looks really long.  He played 3 seasons at NCAA D1 Missouri where he averaged just 2 ppg and 2 shots per game – he then transferred to Lambuth in the NAIA where averaged 15ppg, 5 rpg, and 1.4 steals per game.  He suffered a stress fracture in his foot at the begining of the 06-07 season that did not help matters.  He was a top 100 recruit coming of high school and he played at Mt. Zion.  His failure to contribute anythough to Missouri after coming in as such a highly touted prospect seems to have made him a bit of a target for ridicule amongst fans and alumni of the school.  He basically seems like a very talented guy who had a college career never panned out, in part due to injuries.  He looks like a solid defender and rebounder with an outside shot.  I wouldn’t expect him to be a starter, but he’ll contribute.  He was an NAIA all-American last season, and as Silverhorn has shown, the top NAIA guys certainly have talent.

Honestly:  I don’t like this – I refuse to believe that Al-Kaleem and Sherone Edwards were both unavailable and he’s another another small forward who they’re going to try to force to play shooting guard.  I am actually sort of really concerned about the ball handling situation if they end up using a combination of Dandridge, Mayes, Jeanty and Silverhorn as a platoon at the 2 guard spot.  The best possible situation is that he just comes in as a designated shooter when the situation requires it.

In other news, the Rainmen officially announced an intersquad game open to the public on Saturday.  But it’s in the valley, so I assume no one here will be seeing it.

edit:  Damn it.  The Metro just posted an article in which Levingston says: “We aren’t bringing in guys to sit on the bench,” he said. “We brought in guys who will be productive and win a championship. We’re looking for everybody to play.”  I love the depth on the team – but I will lose my mind if no one on the team plays for more than 28 minutes.  Under the current situation it looks like we could be seeing another hockey style substitution pattern.  Some guys should be riding the pine.  Dude couldn’t cut it at the NCAA level – Rick Lewis is not developing him into an NBA player.  Ain’t happening. God damn it. fdghghdfghfghj


19 thoughts on “Rainmen Add Another “Guard”

  1. He can shoot from outside, which is good because this team is lacking in outside shooters. it is bad because he doesn’t look like a great ball-handler and he is a natural 3.

    Edwards, an athletic slasher and a pure 2, or Kaleem a pure shooter and proven 2 guy would have both been way better fits. We need 2 guards, not 3’s. We don’t have one true shooting guard and that is concerning. Do we have enough guys who can handle the ball, break presses, and run the floor?

  2. This isn’t kid’s basketball where everyone gets fair play, if you play everyone you:

    1. Won’t win. A tight rotation is used for a reason. Your good guys gotta play.
    2. Your top players will suffer because they won’t get the PT they deserve.

    I am too frustrated to write anything coherent, but there is just so much wrong with that philosophy. It won’t win you games, it won’t develop your players either. Chris, You should right a blog entry about why “fair play” is shit.

    I bet nobody in the NBADL does this crap, and they ARE a “developmental team”.

  3. You know what develops players for the next level? PLAYING TIME. If everyone is getting even playing time they’re getting 20 minutes a game… in a league with a short season. So we’re looking at guys getting 400 minutes for the whole damn season. I.e. what most top guys looking at getting to “the next level” will play in just ten games.

    The best way to get players exposure is to win a championship, and spltting time evenly is not going to do that. 12 guys are getting playing time?! REALLY?! SERIOUSLY?! 12 fucking guys? Twelve guys! Twelve man rotation! That’s insane. I am not even remotely coherent here, I am so fucking confused. You don’t even need 12 men on the team – it’s a three month season which only plays on weekends. You are not going to get a lot of injuries.

    Getting guys to “buy into” your system should mean that some guys should “buy into” the fact that they’re not playing every game, or they’re only getting in the game in certain situations. Buying into a program means accepting that some guys are playing 35 minutes a game while you twirl your towel in the air. Not all these guys are playing higher level basketball after this.

    If I am Jeanty, Sanders or Bailey I am calling my agent right now and getting the fuck out of Dodge. Things are going okay right

    The CBA has (or had prior to the ABA thing) the right idea – ten men rosters which are loaded with talent. It should be a ten man roster with an eight man rotation. 12 man rotation?! What the fuck is going on?

    I… fuck…. I don’t even fdhg know what to say to this. Maybe we’re misinterpreting this? Is it too late to move to Vermont?

  4. How is this going to work out? The three point guards remain the best back court players and the team has way too many small forwards. Why would you sign two small forwards to play shooting guard? Why would you think that a player who burnt out of the NCAA is a player who you are going to develop into an NBA or top flight Euro League talent? Why would you think that a coach who does not understand the idea of a rotation is the guy to turn players into top flight talent? Do they think fans are idiots?

    No number of meet and greets or free tickets would make me want to buy season tickets if they keep making decisions like this.

  5. I forgot to say this: Glen Dandridge has the ugliest jump shot I’ve ever seen in a college player who is supposed to be a three point specialist. Watch him he pushes the ball out from his chest and steps forward. Compare his shot to Silverhorn’s, it is like looking at a the difference between a Scarlett Johanson and Sandra Bernhard.

  6. I am hoping we are just reading too far into Levingston’s comments, and that they simply want bench guys who could step up to play if they were called up on, as opposed to filling out the end of the bench with guys like Derico.

  7. Yeah – it’s likely we (I) am reading way too much into what he’s saying. But two things make me nervous:
    1) He says “we’re not looking for guys to sit on the bench.”
    2) Wuest says: Levingston said Dandridge will be a big factor offensively and that he’s not just a depth signing.

    Now that might just be the way he’s phrasing it, but Wuest makes it sound like he is being brought in as a rotation guy.

    So maybe Mayes is being moved to the bench or even cut – they could have decided that between the PGs, Sanders and Bailey they have enough guys who can get to the hoop, but still lack shooters. I do feel that if you’re going to start a small forward at shooting guard you might as well start Silverhorn so you can get Sanders into the starting line up instead of just backing up Crookshank.

    I don’t like this move, but the combination of confusing press release Wuests comments about the signing (also kind of confusing) make me totally unsure about what the guy is doing here. It also sucks that he won’t be here until after the intersquad game.

  8. I am just totally puzzled as to how that would work. We must be reading into this too far. Even last year, Rick Lewis said that he wouldn’t do that 5 off 5 on shit in a real game against a fully manned team. I think he knows that not everyone can play every game.

  9. His comments in this article and his comment a month ago about having two starting line ups make it sound like everyone is getting equal time or close to it and that is total bullshit. Why have Silverhorn and the new guy play 18 minutes each when you could just give Silverhorn 36 minutes? This is a good way to lose fans having your favorite player on the court for 1 3rd of the game. You want your stars on the floor alot to win and to gain reputation so people will buy tickets.

    Why are they signing small forwards to play shooting guard? Arent their lots of shooting guards in the ABA/PBL level of talent? The video makes it look like this guy cant handle the ball or pass and why isnt he here before saturday night? He is going to miss all of training camp and the intersquad game so if it turns out he sucks they wont know until after the game in quebec. His highlights are not even very good he is just a shooter who need someone else to pass to him.

    I was very excited for the team but the last few picks have been very disappointing.

  10. It’s one thing if you want to adapt one player to the two guard, if you think he has the skill set (Mayes). It’s another thing to completely rely on transforming TWO players on your team to the SG. That is a HUGE gamble with no one sure to fall back on if these guys can’t adjust. Plus, this Dandridge guy just looks like a stationary jump shooter, he doesn’t have a handle, and he is not very athletic. This guy is a huge risk with little upside. Even Jeb Murray would have been a way better fit.

    I just really don’t like this.

  11. I think everyone needs to take a deep breath…you know what’s lacking in all these comments? Anything from Rick Lewis. Levingston can have his opinions, and I understand where he’s coming from in not wanting to sign scrubs, but when it comes down to it I just don’t think Rick Lewis can seriously consider not giving guys like Crookshanks and Silverhorn less than 35 minutes a game (a side note, does this league play 10 or 12 minute quarters?), and until he comes out himself and says that then I’m not going to believe it.

    With respect to the roster size, I think having a bench of 12 players ensures at least 9 or 10 by the time you lose players to not wanting to move/Europe and other leagues etc…, again the bench could have 50 players and I still don’t expect any more than 8 to get a lot of minutes.

  12. I sort of understand the idea of bringing in small forwards to try to play as big 2 guards. It creates match up problems, it helps on the boards, and lets you defend against big, tough guards on the opposing team (i.e. Ferguson and Fortier). But it simply doesn’t work in Halifax’s case for the following reasons:
    1) Jeanty can easily spend time at two guard if you need him for specific match up reasons.
    2) If you want to force a small forward to play 2 guard you already have Silverhorn.
    3) Vermont last year played a very tough pressuring defense that caused a lot of turn overs in the back court and made it hard to get it over half, it sounds like Manchester are doing a similar thing. You need ball handlers to even set up your offense – converting two small forwards to this role is risky at the best of times, when you absolutely need to break presses its just plain crazy.
    4) Halifax are going to need to play at a break neck speed in order to get everyone the shots they need. You can’t run or press nearly as well when you have small forwards playing guard.
    5) Who cares if you have two off guards who can rebound when you have the best front line in the league? Rebounding was not a need they had to solve with the guard spot.

    I think Halifax needed another outside shooter, but they also needed a ball handler and lockdown defender. This dude is only one of the two. Do we really need another scorer on this team? At least now the team has another deep threat – and he’s used to only getting a few minutes and two shots per game!

    Also, how many guys who never even came close to reaching their potential and hype does Halifax need on this team?

  13. SlamMaster – while I agree that we have all jumped the gun and over reacted, I do think there is reason to worry. While Rick Lewis has been pretty quiet in the media, I have no real faith in his ability to manage a rotation. Last year when there were only eight or nine contributors on the team he still had a nonsensical, totally messed up rotation. I can’t imagine what he’s going to do this year.

    The only really compelling reason I can see for carrying a full 12 person line up is to ensure you have enough guys to practice once injuries start kicking in. But there is no reason why Nathan Clark and Demar Parsons couldn’t have been invited to scrimmage with the team to develop their own games. I don’t think we’ll see that many players jump to Europe after the season starts, and I am hoping we don’t see the kind of turnover due to cuts that happened last year. I also think that Jeanty’s ability to play the 2, 3 or 4 means that you can pretty easily carry a smaller team since he gives you a viable option to fill in almost anywhere.

    This is just a strange move, particularly since the team won’t even meet him until Saturday night – so he only starts practicing Monday, after the intersquad game and training camp. Basically it means that there is not time to add another guard if he doesn’t work out. We also have a high risk guard who regularly leaves teams in SirVal. If he takes off then our back court rotation is absolutely terrible.

  14. Also, the print headline for the Metro Story about Dandridge is something like Rainmen Sign Dandridge: Intend to Play 12 Deep. Also related to free publications: the otherwise totally unreadable “Faces” has a question and answer with Andre Livingston.

  15. It is some little Photo tabloid that just has picture of people at bars around Halifax in it that they give out on campuses and people can say to other people, “I know that person” and think they are important. (No offense to the people who came up with the idea becasue I think with some many stupid people you can sell the advertising to keep it running)

  16. Chris and others, don’t be too tough on your own team. It sounds like you have alot better group then last year. In regards to number of players, the Heaves will have 15 total. 12 on the active roster and 3 more as “practice” players. They will plan on taking at least 10 on the road and will suit up 12 at home games. They also did that the first 2 years and it did work pretty well. These 12 players in this years active roster are all very good. They include 3 PG, 3 SG, 2SF, 3PF and 1 true center.

    Somehow the Heaves also picked up last years assistant coach at Halifax. He will be an assistant in VT. His first name is Dan Freiberg. Is he any good?

  17. The team is obviously better than last year, but what else are we going to do in the off season other than complain?

    I really do think that fewer higher quality guys are better. Ultimately I don’t care how many people are on the roster as long as all 12 of them aren’t see “substantial” minutes.

    I posted earlier about Freiberg joining Vermont. I only talked to him a few times, but he seemed like a really nice guy. I think he’s super young (I think he had just graduated from university before joining the Rainmen) and seems really eager to become a coach since this will be the second year in a row that he has moved to a new town in order to take a non-paying assistant coaches job. I am glad he’s with Vermont, both because I think it’s a great opportunity for him, and because it opens up so many opportunities to heckle him and Voigt that my head is spinning. As for how good of a coach he is, I would not even attempt to judge him based on last year – Lewis called all the shots on the court and in practice… and we all know how that turned out.

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