Forget Dandridge, I want Butler

Not to keep posting about one roster move, but I think they should cancel Danbridge’s flight right now.  Cardell Butler is available now that the ABA’s San Diego Wildcats threw in the towel. Butler was like the West Coast version of Tommy Mitchell… and we all know how I feel about Tommy Mitchell!

He played at the all-star game in Halifax (meeting the “pillage ABA all-stars from opposing teams” requirement for roster building) and was the starting shooting guard on a top 25 D1 team.  He also a solid defender who is a real two guard and a serious deep threat.  He’s 6’4 with a very good handle and a lot of experience.  He also would help at the gate due to his fame as a street baller.  He was on the And1 Tour during its peak and appeared on a number of mixtapes and the ESPN series where he was known as Ballaholic.  He ended getting booted from the reality show due to his penchant for just trying to win games rather than dance… which is an unfortunate trait for a streetballer, but a good quality for a minor league basketball player.

I have to wonder if he knows Eric – they’re both from the Bay area (though on opposite sides of said Bay) and approximately the same age and I can’t imagine that the basketball community is so big that they haven’t played in summer leagues and Pro-Am tournaments together over the years.

Proven minor league player.  Athletic defender.  Top notch three point shooter.  Proven D1 track record.  Excellent ball handler and a natural guard. Internet fame and streetball credibility.  Dump the Mizzou burnout and sign the Ballaholic.


11 thoughts on “Forget Dandridge, I want Butler

  1. The Rainmen should make a splash. The Millrats just signed a legit centre with CBA experince, and Rochester just looks stacked. The Sharks basically returned their dominant team from last year, plus added Jermey Bell (PBL MVP) and a couple of Wilmington’s stars.

    Butler would definetly help this team.

  2. I just looked at the Rochester roster – oh dear god.

    Halifax, as currently constructed, cannot win the PBL championship. The lack of a legit two guard is just too big of a gap. Teams are going to press the hell out of us and cause an ungodly number of turn overs – there simply is not a second ball handler on the team with Mayes or Dandridge on the floor. The fact is that we will have to see two of SirVal, Hammack or Jimmy on the floor in games against Manchester and Vermont just to ensure that we can keep possession of the ball.

    If neither of your shooting guards can be trusted to be on the floor against your two toughest opponents then why even both having them on the team? They’ll rack up big numbers against Detroit and Chicago, but they either won’t see the floor or will blow the games we need to win. This team needs a legit shooting guard – go get Cardell Butler!

  3. Ballaholic is sick!Unlike most streetballers he can actually ball too!Itd be crazy if they signed him!He is is so much better than any player on the team right now accept for crookshank they should sign him as the starting shooting guard!good idea

  4. It would be very nice for Halifax to get Cardell. IMO he is very comparable to Mario Kinsey, considering work ethic, quickness, shooting and ball handling.

  5. I am glad that you’ve moved pas Tommy Mitchell.
    I read on the PBL website that Vermont no longer have Mario Kinsey so maybe they will go after another guard like Butler?

    While I am not as doom and gloom as you are I do think that this team does not make a lot of sense at the moment. Lewis and Levingston seem dead set on playing everyone and I do not understand why they are attempting to play two small forwards at shooting guard. If they really want to get forwards to play in the back court they could have just used Silverhorn and Jeanty. Silverhorn seems to do everything that Dandridge does and more. I would not be happy if I was on this team.

    They should look at cutting someone and bringing in a real shooting guard like Butler or Sherone Edwards. I understand having another shooter like Dandridge on the team but Silverhorn, Butler and Twyman would probably be enough and would give you 3 good shooters at 3 different positions who all bring something else to the table.

  6. Single tickets are on sale now on the ticketatlantic website and season tickets for students are $180s but individual tickets are only 14 so university students from out of town pay $4 more per game if they are not here for Christmas. That is straight bullshit. And all floor tickets are $30 so if you buy season tickets on the floor they are over twice as expensive for adults. That makes no sense!

  7. I think they were originally planning to play their preseason games in the Metro Centre, and planning to charge full prices. In doing so they fucked up the pricing structure, and screwed their most commited fans. They will have to fix that.

  8. The 720 was by Air Up There who is without a doubt the best streetball dunker I have ever seen. Here is Cardell Butler in the NCAA dunk contest:

    Eric, Bailey, Mayes and Sanders can all throw down some pretty serious stuff, so it should be interesting to see what sort of craziness they bring to the table.

    As for ticket prices – we’ve really gone over it as much as it needs to be talked about. I am sure they’ll re-examine the situation for next year.

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