Chad Lucas Has Stats from the Open Scrimmage Today

Check out Chad Lucas’ blog for the break down on the scores from today’s scrimmage in the valley.  It looks like Lucas wasn’t at the game so he’s relying on Coach Lewis’ comments, and its a five on five scrimmage so we can’t read too much into it, but it’s nice to get some meaningless stats for those of us who are obsessed.  Check out some of his thoughts at the link, here are some of mine:

  • It kinds of sucks that they are only practicing/scrimmaging with ten guys.  Hopefully Dandridge is ready to go soon and they bring in the 12th player.
  • Cordell Jeanty was kind of the lost man for awhile, but he put up 36 points (good for second in the scrimmage) which means that the starting small forward spot is certainly still up for grabs.
  • Lewis corroborates what Eric told me: McNeal has a great midrange game.  It’s nice that he has that 17 footer, but as Lucas points out we want him working the paint.  This team is loaded with guys who can hit that mid-range shot, so hopefully he can show some back to the basket stuff.  That said – where is the double team on Crookshank going to come from?  The guy guarding Silverhorn/Sanders?  The guy guarding McNeal?  Having a centre with a great jump shot is a great way to deter the double team.  It’s also good that he was out there and playing considering how little he was on the court during the first part of training camp.
  • Crookshank is still alpha dog.

2 thoughts on “Chad Lucas Has Stats from the Open Scrimmage Today

  1. Even though it was not a tough scrimmage I do not like the idea of Crookshank putting up 44 point on McNeal. Isnt he supposed to be a defensive specialist and he has like five inches on Crookshank. Anyone know what the audience was like at the game?

  2. Brandon,

    I would put nothing on these numbers. This scrimmage was about offence only. Players were told not to contest open layups or fast breaks, plus 5 on 5 for a whole game means no one is going to play D.

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