Mooseheads Attendance at Lowest Point Ever

I will try to be quick since I have stuff to do but I thought I’d pass this article from the Friday edition of the Metro along.  Without giving any solid numbers, Mathew Wuest reports that the Mooseheads have seen a serious drop in attendance at the MetroCentre so far this year.  They are still second in the Q, but it’s the lowest it has been in the history of the franchise.  There are some lessons that the Rainmen and those of us who follow them can take away from this:

  • Both Wuest and team owner Bob Smith attribute most of the decline in gate reciepts to the poor on ice performance of the team.  Winning creates hype and excitement and always helps at the box gate.  That means no 12 man rotation.
  • The average per game number of comped tickets for the Mooseheads has declined by about 500 per game.  Which means that they’re still papering the room and used to do it even more often – so people can stop riding the Rainmen for doing the same thing.  It’s normal practice.  Shut up naysayers.
  • The Mooseheads have played fewer weekend games at home in the first half of the season which is another major cause for the reduced attendance according to Smith.  The Rainmen have drastically increased their weekend dates this year which hopefully translates into the inverse.
  • In light of their own attendance woes I am sure the Mooseheads would be more than happy to try to do some cross promoting as I suggested in a previous post.
  • There are basically four groups of people who go to see any sports team play: Fans of the team, fans of the sport, sports fans, entertainment fans.  Obviously there is overlap in those groups (i.e. Rainmen fans are often but not always basketball fans, and hockey fans are often but not always more generally sports fans) but it’s a helpful way to think of who is coming to the game.  Fans of the Mooseheads will come out, even if they’re losing – and hockey fans might still come out, particularly when they’re playing against good teams.  The fans that are the first to go are people who are just sports fans and want to see a good sports game and entertainment fans (including familes with kids) who want to have fun which is hard when the stands are empty.  Both of these groups are the fans that the Rainmen need to target.  With the Mooseheads having a terrible season and with attendance (and therefor atmosphere) dropping this is a great chance for the Rainmen to try to go after some of those sports/entertainment dollars and try to convert some people into Rainmen fans.  As bad as it sounds, the misfortune of the Mooseheads could be a boon for the Rainmen.
  • I don’t get the print edition of the daily papers so I don’t know about placement, and my perception might be thrown off because I just skim looking for soccer and basketball information, but it looks like the Rainmen probably have equal to or more newspaper coverage than Mooseheads.  You really have to wonder if (a) the reduced coverage the Moose get is hurting them at the gate or (b) if the increased coverage the Rainmen are getting will help them.  I guess we won’t know until opening night – and I am very, very excited for opening night.

5 thoughts on “Mooseheads Attendance at Lowest Point Ever

  1. Before we get to excited or worried lets remember that the Mooseheads are still bringing 6000 or more people in per night which is 3 or 4 times more people per night than the Rainmen did last year. The goal needs to be to work with the Moose not compete with them,

  2. They need more advertising! I have not seen any adds trying to sell tickets or merchendise as stocking stuffers or christmas presents. They should have players at the malls talking to kids and selling tickets to their parents or even giving away tickets directly to people for the preseason games. People want to give presents that will last all year. They should start running tv adds now the videos on you tube are what the tv adds should look like.

  3. What I like about those numbers that CrookshankJam posted is that they illustrate the growth in attendance. The Mooseheads didn’t do this overnight. They started at 3,500 and more than doubled their attendance in a few years. It would not be unprecedented for the Rainmen’s fan base to grow to about 4,000 on average. The naysayers don’t seem to pay attention to this.

    I agree that the Moose and Rainmen should work together, but I also believe that those fans are a market that the Rainmen could capitalize on. If they aren’t going to Moose games they will spend that money elsewhere. That being said, a Mooseheads cross promotional night would be mutually beneficial. It would be best for both teams to work together and use each other to draw on new markets and maximize their exposure.

    However, they need to do things right. They need to start their marketing blitz. They have ads on z103.5 and print ads in the Metro, but I think they should do more. Xmas is a perfect time to sell tickets and merchandise. It’s too bad they couldn’t have their online store up and running, and push some jerseys out to local sports stores. They went to some minor league ball games the other day, this is good. Keep doing that, visit schools, put a kiosk in the mall and get ads on TV, radio and billboards. I know it costs money, but I believe it would be worth it.

  4. The team finally tips off tonight. It is definitely a big test seeing as Quebec has proven to be a strong team, competing hard against the Millrats. It will be a tough game to win seeing as this is Quebec’s third game already, so I would be happy if they keep it close while learning to play together.

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