Halifax Defeat Kebs in QC

According to the Metro, the Rainmen pulled out what can only be described as a gutsy win over the Kebs.  Despite traveling with only eight players the Rainmen managed to pull out a 101-95 victory over a very good Quebec team which was playing it’s fourth pre-season game.  The core of the front line didn’t travel – Eric, Sanders and McNeal were all nursing injuries.

The Metro article also says that SirVal tweaked his ankle and decided played it safe by not going back in in the second half (who can blame him?) and David Bailey fouling out in the first half (not surprising since he was the only player who traveled who was over 6’6).  This means that for the second half the 6’5 Cordell Jeanty and 6’6 Brian Silverhorn probably logged most of their minutes at centre and powerforward… good god.  Silverhorn led the team with 29 points and 12 rebounds and shot 4/9 from three point territory.

Since no one  I know was there we can’t say much about the game, but it sounds like the Rick Lewis training program paid off since eight guys were able to take on a full roster on the road.  It’s super exciting that Halifax won a game like this, but it’s also super disapointing that the whole team didn’t travel.  It kind of makes it hard to see how the pieces will fit together when 28ish% of your pieces are in another province.  It does demonstrate two things: 1) Halifax look like they’re deep.  Really deep.  2) Halifax need to find another centre ASAP.

This is a great result, and a wonderful Christmas present from the Rainmen.  I can’t wait for the pre-season games in the city.


17 thoughts on “Halifax Defeat Kebs in QC

  1. It actually cracks me up. How the hell did we manage to win with ix players? Silverhorn or Jeanty at centre is nuts! Major props to everyone on a great game, and who knows, maybe Dandridge will prove us all wrong. He did take and absurd 13 threes but he also put up 25 points, that’s great coming in last minute.

  2. SICK!!!!!!!!!!We are going to destroy any suckers that try to win in Halifax.No one is as good as this team!Fuck Vermont and their Milhouse Van Houten Wonder Years coach Beaver Cleaver.We are coming for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Well to just add to how much of a good win this was for halifax, At one point in the first half quebec had a 20-25 point lead and then maintained a 13-15 point lead through midway in the 3rd.

  4. EDIT: This comment is just looking for an argument and is barely coherent. Strong opinions are fine, but please refrain from posting when drunk or just looking to stir up arguments.

    – Chris

  5. NEBalla, this is great that Halifax could beat the Quebec team, especially knowing the fact that you did this with 8 players on their home turf. But this does not mean that a win against VT will be a given or even easy for Halifax. Remember that VT has beat Quebec 6 out of 7 times over the last two years. Your comments and name calling of Will Voigt discounts whatever points you are trying to make about Halifax.

    Halifax looks like they are going to have a great team this year and it will be good to see a more competitive league including Halifax, Manchester, Vermont, Quebec, Rochester and Wilmington. Anyone of these teams could be the 09 Champions

  6. I don’t think we really know how good Halifax are until the 18th of January after they finish a road trip where they play Manchester and Vermont. On January 19th Vermont play Rochester and I think that game should give us a barometer of where the top teams (Manchester, Rochester, Vermont, Wilmington, Halifax) stand since all those teams will have played at least one game against all the other teams from the list that they will play this season (did that make any sense at all?). Quebec are definitely in the mix and I actually think that Montreal may surprise some teams due to the way they’re built – that team is just going to play small, run the floor and jack up shots. If their shooters all get hot on the same night I figure they can beat anyone.

    We should have at decent idea of how teams look within the next week – there are nine games happening between the 26 and 29th featuring nine of the ABA’s 13 teams. Unfortunately the teams not playing include Wilmington and Rochester who are going to be contenders and Buffalo whom no one knows a whole lot about… so those games will only tell us so much.

    Just four days until the pre-season series kicks off in Halifax! I can’t wait!

  7. Not sure how accurate this is, but the PBL site has Dandridge listed as a SF and Twyman listed as a SG. Looks legit, numbers and everything. Check it out.

  8. It wouldn’t shock me if Jimmy started in the backcourt with SirVal. Lewis and Levingston both love the guy, and against most teams I can’t see the other guys really working out.

    If I had to guess I’d say we’re looking at a starting line up of:

    With Hammack and Sanders the first guard and forward off the bench and Bailey getting some burn at centre, at least until they bring another guy in. Lewis and Levingston seem to be really sold on the idea that they need shooters at the wing spots at all times, and Mayes, Jeanty and Sanders do not fit that description.

  9. I like that rotation for a start. We can see how everything is fitting in as it goes but the starting 5 and rotation I completely agree on. Any news on how Detroit looks? I will be at that game on the 25th in Detroit so I was just wondering if there was anything I shouldn’t yell at them so I don’t get shot……… Just kidding I am excited though.

  10. I think everyone is looking forward to the season. We have what looks like some good solid teams. I think is was a great move by the northeastern teams to stick together. Now lets play some basketball.

  11. My Stampede are looking pretty good. Theres some players listed now on our website but thats not the complete roster. We have 5 more guys, a couple of which are real studs that we recently got that will take us a long way.

    We’ll be contenders for sure in my opinion and I’ve seen plenty of ABA games in Buffalo and PBL games in Rochester and games online with teams like Rochester, Vermont, Manchester, Wilmington, and Quebec. With the Stampede roster, I’d say we could compete pretty good with some of those teams.

    Should be an awesome season, all of the teams look to be good and it will be highly competative. Anyone could beat anyone in basketball, its a game of runs. Its going to be a very fun season, cannot wait!!

    Don’t forget to remind me about tickets for you Dunc13. You can get them through me or through Ticketmaster.com soon, they are not for sale yet through ticketmaster though. Just let me know when the time comes.

  12. This is a pretty impressive win but I agree with you about it being disappointing that the whole team did not get to play. Preseason games are a good warm up but only if the whole team gets to play. I hope we see everyone on the floor after Christmas.

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