Preview: Chicago vs. Halifax

So this one will be shorter than the pre-game post on the Augusta game for two reasons:

1)  I covered most of the “series in general” stuff in that post.

2)  There is almost no infortation out there on Chicago.

With that said, Halifax need to do a better job containing the other team on defense.  The three players who played the four and five for Augusta combined for 82 points yesterday.  No player should be putting up 47 on you and Halifax need to find a way to lock down elite scorers on other teams – they struggled last year when both Tommy Mitchell and Izzy Caro both lit up Halifax on a consistent basis.  It’s hard to win games when you can’t even slow down elite scorers.  There is no way that Halifax beats Manchester if Ferguson or Kinsey put up 35+ points.

Chicago are a very guard heavy team with only three players on their roster above 6’6 – I would expect to see them play with three guards at almost all times and look to push the pace.  In this way they’re a pretty good warm up for those four games against Montreal who will be another guard heavy team.  While an up-tempo game plays into Halifax’s strength, a team loaded with quick perimeter guys and deep shooters does not.  Halifax need to do a better job of staying in front of players slashing to the basket and contesting three point attempts.  Halifax have a decisive size advantage and Lewis needs to make sure that they take advantage of it.  The Rainmen did a great job against Augusta of starting almost every half court posession by looking inside, and that needs to continue.  McNeal will have at least 4 inches and many, many pounds on whoever is guarding him so he can’t settle for outside shots.

Their key guys will be Thomas Stanley a 6’5 small forward, Jimmy Miles a 6’3 shooting guard who is an excellent outside shooter, and Imari Sawyer who is a 6’2 playmaker who is incredibly fast by all accounts.


5 thoughts on “Preview: Chicago vs. Halifax

  1. Vermont has a webcast of their preseason games on their site. It is not provided by the PBL, which does not bode well for hope of a Rainmen webcast.

  2. Wasn’t the PBL supposed to set up a webcast/online tv station before the season started? Anyways, this feed that Vermont set up is terrible…the connection keeps timing out.

  3. Yes, the PBL was supposed to. Hopefully they have it for the regular season, but I am not holding my breath. And the Vermont webcast sucks, now it is completely down.

  4. And according to the webcast, the PBL’s uniform shipment is delayed. That is why teams like Augusta have no uniforms, and why Halifax was using last year’s. I hope they don’t screw up the look of the uniforms. hopefully they just copied the look from last year.

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