Halifax Defeat Quebec By 2

Thanks to someone else doing the hard work of finding out the score I have heard that Halifax won tonights game by two points. I trust the person who relayed the info so I don’t doubt it. The same person also said that Manchester lost to Montreal 100-97, which would be a huge upset and throws pre-season predictions out the window. I’ll let everyone know when/if I can confirm scores.


The boxscore can be found online here.  The score was 110-108.  Here are some of the things that the stats tell us:

– The starting line up was Hammack, Silverhorn, Dandridge, Jeanty and Crookshank.

– Sanders did not travel and McNeal played zero minutes.  Eric seems to have struggle a bit on the offensive end going just 3-10 from the field and 2-6 from the line.

– The perimeter game seems to have clicked with Hammack bring a 100% true shooting percentage to the table, the team shot 65% from 3 point territory including Silverhorn knocking down  seven of  eleven shots from beyond the arc.


4 thoughts on “Halifax Defeat Quebec By 2

  1. Thank you sooooooooo much for posting this!!! I have been frantically searching for the score online!!!
    Yes, any word on who the leading scorer was?? (Go Jeanty Go) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Halifax Herald Rainmen Coverage?

    What’s with the Halifax Herald anyways? The Rainmen win their first game of the season on the road. (in dramatic fashion)

    Halifax Herald Rainmen Coverage – Back Page of Saturday’s sports section, barely mentioned, no pictures..

    Wow is all I have to say…

  3. Hali Fan: To be fair to the Herald, this weekend is the weekend of the Shoveller tournament which is one of the biggest dates on the CIS basketball calendar. Chad was covering those games, and I believe they got pretty central coverage in the sports section. The Herald tends to only have one story from each sport out front in the sports section – the Mooseheads get bumped to the back whenever university or midget hockey are the lead sports story.

    It’s just bad timing, I assume there will be tons of hype for the home opener.

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