Halifax Sign Two Guard, I Laugh Uncontrollably

I love Halifax’s “Oh man, that guy torched us… someone call his agent and see if he’s signed!” strategy.  The newest addition is Zach Ramey a 6’3 shooting guard who played for Chicago and put up 25 points in the final game of the series in Halifax.  He was a tough defender (look how he kept Dandridge in check in that last game) and has insane three point range.  Most importantly to me, he gives Halifax another legitimate ball handler and passer who can defender ones and twos and play spot minutes at the point.    He had a good DIII career at Benedictine University so Halifax currently have players who played DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, NJCAA, and almost had a guy who played CIS/CCAA ball.

I seriously laughed when I read this because it’s exactly like the Jeanty/Sanders signing, and it basically cripples the Chicago Throwbacks and gives Halifax another guy who can just bomb it from the outside.  I certainly did not see this coming.

I expect him to play a much reduced role on Halifax compared to what he was doing for Chicago, but he gives the team more guard depth, someone who can guard other backcourt plays and another three point shooter with NBA range.  I assume that this will be accompanied by Rodney Mayes getting the axe.  It’s definitely a move that make Halifax better, but the team still needs a centre who can play.


3 thoughts on “Halifax Sign Two Guard, I Laugh Uncontrollably

  1. Yeah, I found this pretty hilarious. I assume Mayes will be gone when we find our big man. It’s a good signing that makes the team better, we won’t be a star, but he should be a solid role player for us. I am surpirzed he only played D3, I wonder what’s up with that.

  2. He was really good in the second game and was solid in the first. He seemed to be a good ball handler and often ran Chicago’s offense so I think he fills the need of having another ball handler. I am sure they will cut Mayes now.

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