New Rainmen Jerseys Are Ugly, Really Ugly

Courtesey of Chuck Miller

Courtesey of Chuck Miller



5 thoughts on “New Rainmen Jerseys Are Ugly, Really Ugly

  1. That company that did the jersey did a terrible job of almost every team. JG Gear sucks. My minor hockey teams had better jersey design than that. Wouldn’t you want to keep some consistency with last years design? Did they just throw that out the window?

    How are you going to sell a jersey like that to your fans? Just stick with last year’s Reebok jerseys cause these ones suck. No one would buy these, and fans that got last years should be pissed too.

  2. At least you can tell what numbers they’re wearing – the old 1’s looked like 7’s. Although they’re a little plain – kinda high schoolish.

  3. They remind me of a cheap looking version of the North Carolina jersies. It looks like the numbers are screen printed instead of embroidered which looks cheap. I would be mad if I bought a blue Rainmen jersey last year and then they totally switch them up. A little variation is fine but those look 100 per cent different from the ones they had last year. Hopefully the home jersies look better.

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