Rainmen Defeat Montreal 127-125 in OT

So Halifax have started 2-0, winning two close, tough road games in the province of Quebec.  Montreal shocked everyone by defeating Manchester last night and almost pulled off another shocker by taking out Halifax.

Chad Lucas has some details, and it looks like Crookshank was hurt and played sparse minutes – I never thought I’d say this, but Halifax probably need some help on the front line.  They only have two “bigs” who aren’t hurt in Jeanty and Bailey.  I am really impressed that Halifax are grinding out tough wins in tight road games.  Last year they only won when they blew teams out and almost never won on the road, so both these games show some serious promise.

The box score is up now. Jeanty led the team with 29 points and ten rebounds and got to the line an insane 17 times!  That’s not even my favourite stat line from the night, this almost is: Xavier Morton on Montreal played 10 minutes and took seven shots. But the single craziest stat from the game:  Halifax had 22 defensive rebounds and Montreal had 22 offensive rebounds.  I have never seen a stat like that.  Halifax, as a team, managed to grab just 50% of the potential defensive rebounds.  That’s just plain nutty.

Montreal dominated Halifax on the boards outrebounding them 47-33.  Despite the rebounding problems Bailey played just 13 minutes. Crookshank played just nine and failed to score… so it looks like Jeanty was playing centre for most of the game.

McNeal did not play and I am starting to feel like they need to release him and bring in a big guy who can actually see court time.  The season is way too short to be waiting on guys who are hurt.  Even if he does get healthy enough to play he is not going to be anywhere near game fit.

Halifax led going into the fourth by Randy “I’ve never heard of Jason Williams” Gill caught fire to tie the game up in the final frame.  Halifax’s inability to stop guys from going off 30-50 points really worries me.


10 thoughts on “Rainmen Defeat Montreal 127-125 in OT

  1. “Jeanty led the team with 29 points and ten rebounds and got to the line an insane 17 times!”

    ……GO JEANTY GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. “Jeanty led the team with 29 points and ten rebounds and got to the line an insane 17 times!”
    ……….GO JEANTY GO

  3. They’re really putting a lot of minutes onto the shoulders of Silverhorn and Dandridge. The thing is that there are 5-6 days off between games to recover and PBL rules with media time outs mean that 40 minutes of playing time generally includes a 20 minute break at half, 3 minutes (or whatever) at the quarter, eight full media time outs, plus whatever time outs the teams use. There are never more than five minutes of game time before you get a break for a quarter or a timeout. We’ll see how their bodies hold up and how things change when Ramey starts playing games.

  4. Great start! I hope there are 5000 or more people at the home opener. The team actually deserves support this year as opposed to last years losing team. I have been watching the Shoveler games and I think T-Bear or Joey Haywood would be great assets to the Rainmen for next year.

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