2000 Season Ticket Packages Sold?

According to this article in the Metro, Andre Levingston says that the team has sold approximately 2 000 season ticket packages a number they say is more than double last year’s number.  This is the quote:

Levingston expects a big crowd and said the Rainmen have “more than doubled” their season ticket base to an estimated 2,000.

“They’re doing extremely well and they’re still selling,” he said. “We’re going to do well in numbers this year.”

What do people think?  Do you believe the number is around 2 000?

I assume the season ticket sales have increased with people last year competing for the best courtside seats the night of the final game, vastly increased hype and media coverage, better on court product, well recieved pre-season games, a proven product and a more stable league.  I know people who bought season tickets who didn’t even go to a game last year.  But 2 000 seems very high.  Even 1000 wold be absolutely great for a second year minor league basketball team.  I guess we won’t know what sort of crowd will be at the game until Friday.

If there are 2 000 season ticket packages sold (and I really, really hope there is) the Rainmen could fail to sell a single ticket from now until the end of the season and still manage to post an attendance increase over last year’s per game average.


5 thoughts on “2000 Season Ticket Packages Sold?

  1. I can’t see it being 2,000, but what do I know? 1,000 sounds like it makes more sense. Either way, I think attendance will be solid this year. I would be surprized if we didn’t lead the league again.

  2. I would love to believe the season ticket base is 2000.

    Looks like we will have to wait and see!

    That would be a dramatic jump over last year.

  3. 2000 tickets would be great but I am not sure if that is realistic. I hope Andre Levingston, Jad and the other members of the organization prove me wrong!

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