Brian Silverhorn Named PBL Player of the week.

Check it.  If you have to open your season on the road then pulling out two tough wins, watching a highly touted divisional opponent go 0-2, and now having your captain be named player of the week is pretty much the best you can hope for, right?

The other short listed players were AJ Millien (Augusta), Stanley Thomas (Chicago) and Randy “I Think I’m Jason Williams” Gill (Montreal), and Willie Mitchell from Detroit.  Millien had an insane offensive game against the PBL champs and Thomas had good scoring and rebounding numbers with very efficient shooting.  Williams Gill had impressive numbers against Halifax, but his team didn’t win it, so how much is that worth?  While his team did beat Manchester, his boxscore was unremarakable in that game.  He seems to put up huge numbers in losing causes which is not exactly the ideal trait to have in a player.  Mitchell’s numbers aren’t great but he hit one of the craziest shots I’ve ever seen.  The one gigantic ommission from this list is Jonas Pierre (Quebec) whose team had the exact same record as Montreal against the same opposition and put up an astounding 13.5ppg, 11.5rpg, 9.5 bpg.  I would (and did) pick him as my player of the week.

That said, there is without a doubt a great case to be made for Silverhorn.  He was the leading scorer and captain of the team with the best opening weekend record (the only team to go 0-2) and averaged 23.5ppg and 4.5 rpg.  He was also very efficient shooting 50% over all from the field, including 60% from three point territory and only turning the ball over once per game despite playing 43 mpg and presumably having the ball in his hand an awful lot. He gives you a solid 1.5 point per shot.  He also grabbed an offensive rebound and hit the game winning shot against Quebec.

All in all: congrats to Brian Silverhorn and the Rainmen, and lets hope they can keep up their solid start and even improve on it.


7 thoughts on “Brian Silverhorn Named PBL Player of the week.

  1. Congrats to Silverhorn.

    Two unrelated anal things:

    1. I really hope they just wear last year’s home jerseys. Those now one would really hurt merchandise sales and they’d make the team look cheap. It hurts the team’s image.

    2. Look at the ‘Sponsors’ page on the Rainmen site. Is that all the sponsors? Why would they not have more? Are they just not finished putting them all on the website? If that’s all they have, then something is up.

  2. I think the list is pretty darn impressive:
    Vitamin Water
    LifeMark Physiotherapy
    Metro Daily
    Office Interiors
    Universal Properties

    A lot of those are in kind to cover operational costs (the office companies, universal properties is probably offer a rent break, AVIS supply the vans, Z103 and Metro are probably offering bonusing on ads, etc.)
    But they’re probably getting cash out of Vitamin Water, Rogers and McDonalds and those are some pretty big time sponsors.

  3. Maybe it’s just me.

    But I also remeber them announcing that Coca Cola was a sponsor, same with Micco Companies and Mark’s Work Warehouse. That was only months ago. Coke came in late last year with something like 3-5 games left, but now they are not listed. I also thought that some sponsors would return from last year.

    That being said, I read too much into everything.

  4. I’m sure Coke and Vitamin water were forced to bid against each other as I doubt either one would be okay with having two beverage sponsors on board. Glacier who own Vitamin water are just about the only large beverage company not owned by Coke/Pepsi and I think both of the big two are coming out with their own vitamin infused watery beverages in addition to Power/Gatorade.

    The lack of returning sponsors is a bit worrisome – TPH printing aren’t back, neither are Pinky’s Ice Cream. The big sponsor they lost was BMO. I think AVIS are the only returning sponsor, unless you count Metro/Daily News.

    Sponsorship will almost certainly be down with the bad economic times, particularly for large, multinational corporations. Compared to the Mooseheads ( there are far fewer corporate sponsors, but compared other minor league hoops teams Halifax are probably at the head of the pack, particularly once you include the $125k from the HRM.

  5. He has a lot more moves now, not just long jumpers. He has shown a lot more improvement over last season than Crookshank and if he can step up his perimeter D and rebounding then he has a real shot at the NBA or at least the Euro league. I don’t think think that is true of any other player on the team.

  6. Silverhorn needs to shave whatever it is he has growing on his face. The NBA will never draft him if he’s looking like that.

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